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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Screwy Bing . Com

What the heck is going on? I use my address bar and every site I go to, I'm redirected to this STUPID BING com... talk about hijackers. And whom do you report this thing? I know I had an update yesterday that needed restarting and now I'll spend another day searching through Microsoft to find out what happened. It isn't bad enough that my external hard drive, wiped out all my graphics, digital scrapping and stamping stuff, now I need to deal with this crap.
Sometimes I wonder just why this machine is important to me anyway.
Weather wise, it is still cool and they are forecasting rain again. My garden is a total disaster. Nothing is doing anything except for the potatoes and there are a couple of wee tomatoes on the stunted growth vines. I'm just having a "bad hair" day to say the least.
We made it out to the Cherry Festival last night. Had a great hamburger, fresh curly fries, Coke and a fabulous piece of Cherry pie. Yummy. Mr D took a couple of pics so will try to get them uploaded shortly.
My brother and s-i-l were here for 10 days and we had a lot of fun. Seemed like all we did was eat. Made it out to the Casino for lunch one day. D S-I-L won a couple of hundred $ but the rest of us came home even or at a loss. But I beginning to accept this "Black" cloud over my head is for real. yuk, yuk yuk!
Ok, back to listen to Willie. Have a great day and let not your heart be troubled.