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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's Almost Gone!

Labor Day has come and gone. Now, all those who hated our hot Summer can look forward to Autumn and Winter - 6 months or more. Have fun!
We enjoyed the weekend that started on Saturday with a great time at the German Fest and an evening of playing cards with Mom & sisters. Sunday we celebrated youngest Grandson's 8th Birthday after a delay since August 16th and his dad's busy summer schedule. We ended the weekend on Monday at a love picnic at Kori's mom's new condo overlooking the bay. It rained around 6' pm but only lasted about 1/2 hr. Then the sun came back out and everyone was complaining about how 'humid' it was. I totally enjoyed being outdoors while most of the others were inside enjoying the air conditioning.

Finished another wall hanging top and I think I may have found someone to check out my Tin Lizzie or perhaps even trade it in on  a new machine. That would be so nice and I could get my tops all quilted this year.

Today is definitely a sewing day. For a very long time from 1968 until about 2000, Labor Day has always been a sewing day for me... I miss that time even though I can sew when ever I want, I miss that designated day.