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Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Take on My 2nd Amendment Issues Today.

1. The President doesn't have a corner to hide in; he lives on a dead-end street.
2.Given the situation on The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, there are really a handful of loud mouths' who are clamoring about doing something drastic and as usual it is lead by the President who has a habit of opening his mouth and inserting his foot and then falling on his ugly face.
If you will recall several instances:
  1. Remember the how the police acted stupidly in Cambridge, Mass?
  2. Remember the shooting of a black boy by a Hispanic in Florida?
And now he is going to fall flat on his face for the 3rd time and it will be his last. I may be wrong, but 3 times and out for him to stick his nose into separate states affair has not worked out well for the POTUS.
  3. Who have the loudest mouth on the 2nd Amendment issues as far as trying to make it impotent?
     1. An old has been Senator for the Great State of California which is broke and doped up because all of those rich movie stars don't really pay their fair share, Senator Feinstein.
     2. A foreign talk host on a news network who shot his mouth off about The Constitution from the country we fought our way out of their tyranny. He shall not be named in my writings.
    3. A rich mayor of a city that has used taxpayer money more than once to support it from falling into the Atlantic Ocean more times than anyone on can count and is as loony as a cartoon telling people that they cannot sell large sodas and that emergency room should not give out prescription pain killers. By the way, is he a medical doctor? The gentleman from New York City, Mayor Bloomberg.
    4. A crazy spoiled kid of an ex-mayor of the city mentioned in #3 who is screaming like a mad man at the top of his lungs hoping someone might listen to his temper-tantrum, Governor Cuomo.
    5. A Vice President who couldn't cut his way out of a paper bag with a scissors without cutting himself. The Peoples' Choice, Vice President Joe Biden (who remembers what Della wore anyway).
    6. A little known scab sheet just north the city that never sleeps who are now hiding in their attics surround by armed guards afraid of the nuts crying for "assault weapons ban"* (no free advertising from me).
These are the people trying to take away gun from law abiding citizens. These are the nut cases we want to trust with the lives of our children and grandchildren.
Now, who haven't you heard from? Ah ha, yes those who would have the most to gain by disarming the citizen and I'm not going to give them any background because, they have been so quiet that they figure they will come out smelling like roses when it happens:
    1. Eric Holder, Attorney General
    2. John Kerry, Nominated for Secretary of State
    3. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
    4. The mayor of Chicago, the city with the largest crime rate in the country.
*assault weapons = your kids baseball bat is an assault weapon.
** Author notes: There are more out there but these are the loudest and they really don't have much to lose but the silent ones "think" they will come out smelling like flowers and are the saviors of the time. I've may be wrong, but I would bet a dollar to a hole in a donut that the ones being quiet are the ones who want to improve their political futures at the expense of the crows' cawing.