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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Central Air being installed this morning. Thank God! I'm suffocating here with all the humidity. We will be able to use it all of the hot days of our Summer for a total sum of on an average 3 days.
Block #10 of Dr. Who Stitch-Along is finished. I used some glitter thread on the lapel and although it was a really fine thread and hard to see the stitches, from the distance doesn't look to bad.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, hello Monday! It is hot here but I'm not complaining after the last 6 months, this is Heaven. Finished up Block #9 and block #8 alternative this morning and now, I am planning our dinner. We are having burgers, corn on the cob, and pineapple on the grill this evening. Josh went to his mom's so it is just Grandpa & myself. David R. is staying in the motor home and usually doesn't eat with us so we will have dinner when Grandpa gets back from his shopping trip this evening. In the meantime, the dogs have been given a bath by DR and now we will take a nice little nap. I'm usually up very early and today is no exception so a nap is in order.

Anyway, here are the new blocks for Dr Who Stitch Along, Block of the week:

Monday, July 8, 2013

All right, got Block # 8 finished. I really do not like this block, but someone at Fandominstitches, had an alternative block that I'm working on today. I will probably use that one in the finished quilt.
We had the 2nd Annual Kori's Kritters Event for Animal Rescue on Saturday, July 6th.
I spoke with Tracey yesterday afternoon and we are happy with the results. The winner of the 50/50 won $1000 and she donated it back to our foundation, so the Anna Shelter will have a very nice pot to work with in the upcoming year. We also came up with a couple of new ways to raise additional funds and that news will be forth coming thanks to the owner of the space where the event was held. He, who shall be nameless, reserved a VIP tent for some of HIS customers in our area and taking up space for our beneficiaries to I don't insure that he made money on this event. Pretty shady. But that is the least of it. As I was leaving, I found out who was in the VIP tent and I'm hear to tell you, I'm not happy! Karma is for real people.
Now, that I've had my rant, here is Block # 8.