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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally, after many days - months

Finally, after many days - months I'm getting back into my blog. I have no idea where to begin as so much has happened since March. April was so busy I hardly knew what day it was.
On the 14th our grandson, Josh, came from Massachusetts and spent a couple of days during Spring break. He left on the 19th and on the 24th my sister, and niece from the Dakotas came. It was the first time my sister Ilene has ever been to Pennsylvania and I was delighted that she made it. She is 77 yrs. old and has had 2 hip replacements and what a pleasure to see her and her daughter. But you know older sisters never change. Then on the 27th my sister-in-law from California made it here and we had a grand time even in the cold wet weather.
We cancelled a trip to Niagara Falls due to weather and decide to have breakfast, lunch and dinner out and end up at the Casino for dinner buffet and a bit on slots.
Sister and niece left on the following Monday and sister-in-law left on Thursday.
No for the sad news, my grandson made his 1st Communion on Sunday the 5th of April and because of my health and the venue I did not attend so now, I'm a very bad grandmother to say the least.
The weather has been wet and even with some warmer temperatures and humidity I am wearing a sweater which is a sure sign of old age.
I have been doing quite a bit of sewing though. I made a set of placemats, finished a quilt top and I'm working on three other BOMs and stitch-along with "FandominStitches" Dr. Who Stitch Along". I'm hoping to get a tag posted later today or by the end of the week.

Craftsy BOM 2013

Sugar BLOCK BOM - Amy Gibson

Dr. Who Stitch Along - FandominStitches.
So those are the blocks and below is the quilt top I finished and only need to finish the back.
Sew there you have it! The sewing machines have been getting a work out.
I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law, Kathy made 30 dog collars for the upcoming Kori's Kritters event that we will sell as our part of our donation for the rescue of animals. Pictures later!