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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wunderground Weather

This could be quite interesting.

Weather station installed April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missed Monday

Must have been a real blue Monday. I totally missed it.
DH rototilled the garden this morning and set up my weather station.
Suggested that the garden get turned before it rained and he got two runs through it before it started. That will give the compost a nice start.
We attended a seminar on Organic Gardening last week and found out some good stuff about composting. I was very pleased to see that our first year turned out quite successful and there was no stink at all and it looked really healthy. Well as healthy as a compost can look.

The weather station KPAErie5 will be up and running on by tomorrow, and as soon as the outdoor webcam arrives it will be interesting to see what the yard looks like from a different position then ground level. We struggled with some of the controls such as the wind speed, but finally got all of the items working very nicely.

Made one card today and will get it posted tomorrow.

Now, I'm going to let the dogs out to bark at the big bunny in backyard. They went crazy the other day when a lovely doe went walking past their fence, but scared her away in short order. It is too wet and muddy now after a half inch of rain for them to go running since they just had a bath yesterday.

Ok, I'm finished now and going to go watch The Factor with Bill O'Reilly.

Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

How Did I Miss

The Weather Station

DH worked on the weather station last evening and it is set up except for the readings on the wind station. I've been wanting to do this for sometime and I'm now waiting for my wireless outdoor webcam to arrive. If you would like to see what the weather is like here at my place you can go to and check out weather station KPAERIE5.

Today, before it rains, DH wants to see how wet the garden plot is and get it turned over before it state

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, beginning a new week!

Wow we have had some fabulous temperatures. In the 80's yesterday, today and even tomorrow. I just love it. The first time since October that I've been able to wear some without long sleeves. :)
Really, have been doing a bit of cleaning this morning and shredded some old papers from last century. It really feels good to de-clutter some of this old stuff. If I could only get to my desk I'd be one happy Camper.
We took the dogs out to the Peninsula again this afternoon. They really need to be desensitize because they have been cooped up all winter. Kerri just loves to get her feet wet, but she backs up as the waves come at her. She is so cute. Rocket just like smell around to see if he can find any rabbits or chipmunks.
Here is another card I made. Hope you like it.

Love the colors of this. The red is Riding Hood Red and the green is Kiwi Kiss. Both of these colors are the 2008-2009 In Colors and will be gone after June 30th. If you love them as much as I do, be quick and go to my website at :

and order them. The In Colors have the classic ink, the paper, 8-1/2" x 11, and 12 x 12 including Textured, ink refills and ribbon.
Ok, I've gotta run now. I have pictures to download from my camera and get things picked up before bed time.

Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Lifestyle Plan

Well, today we start back on our healthy eating plan. I've gain about 5 pounds more than I need this past winter and now it is time to get of the soda and sweets. So, this morning dh and I had our morning hot lemon water and finish our breakfast of oatmeal. Now, today we will have a healthy snack of fruit, nuts, fish, and vegetables every 3 hours. Snack includes our lunch and dinner. By 9 pm tonight we will be finished eating and be feeling oh so much better.

I have a stamping event this afternoon and so I am about ready to get my supplies all together so that I can arrive on time for a change. These meeting are always fun and it is nice to meet up with "like-minded friends".

One of my creative goals for 2009 was to complete 12 crocheted doilies, one for each month and now I am up to 7 for the year so far. I'm in the process of taking pictures and hope to produce a slideshow to post shortly.

This isn't getting anything done, so better get a move on here.

Until next time, "Let not your heart be troubled".

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 7 Oh my where the time go. I really like to share my latest swap only because I worked so long on it :o) So here it is. All items used are Stampin'Up ®

The stamp set is Merci which was a limited edition. I just recently found it on Ebay at a very inexpensive price. I'm thinking that it will go for more that a mere $4.95.
  • Stamp Set: Stampin'Up ® Merci and Sincere Salutations
  • Ink: Chocolate Chip Classic
  • Paper: Chocolate Chip Card stock, Regal Rose, Kiwi Kiss and Very Vanilla
  • Designer Series Paper: Walk in the Park
  • Technical: Watercolor Pencils and Blender Pens; Coloring edge of Kiwi Kiss with Chocolate Chip Classic Ink Pad
  • Accessories: Scallop Edge Punch and Corner Rounder punch
  • Elements: Certainly Celery Ribbon from the 2009 SAB Ribbon Bundle

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phew It is Finally ...

Talked with dear s-i-l this morning and Mom and Sandy got a closing date for their house and new home. This is a big relief to dh as he can now put his back into getting a lot of things finished up like all that will be stored in our garage. It amazes me how much that guy can store yet screams at me if there is a stamp in the middle of the table when he needs something :)

Day 6... Made 7 swap cards this morning. Actually, it took me most of the day because I was having trouble with the ribbon, so by the time I got finished it was 5 pm minus the time that the dogs and I took a nap.

Really haven't been sleeping very well. It is not that I'm not sleeping, just cannot seem to get to bed at an earlier hour. Maybe tonight if I get everything done on my filing and computer that I need to do and stop messing around with Paint Shop Pro! tee hee!

I have most of the cards loaded up to my website, so I will be able to get them posted on here very shortly.
Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do Diligences

Yes, found what I was looking for today.
I always remember an old saying we used in real estate sales.
"Ask for the business. The worse they can say is no and in 30 years :) who cares."
Yes, I asked and I received. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was that easy?
Had my 3rd Stampin'Up workshop tonight. It is always so much fun to actually share something new with my friends. We laughed and stamped and created.
I also got to see those beautiful twin boys, oh my they are lovely. Jamison and Daiman, don't know if I spelled Daiman's name correct. Sorry, I'll correct the spelling later.
Have been having trouble with my internet connection tonight. I think it is all the wind we have been having and the phone company was working on the lines outside the house over the past week and know that the phone lines have had a lot of static on them.
It is late and I wanted to get the new background loaded up, but really don't think I can get it done.
I also need to get a couple of more links posted. So I should get busy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Much Lucky Here

Ok, I give up for now... I want to add my own graphics to the background and header, but I just cannot seem to find out how to do it. Guess, I need to do more research.
I did take pictures of all my cards and I'll start to get them uploaded this evening.
Until then, it is time to start dinner.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Workings of a Blog

Oh my Day 3 -- What is the difference between a blog and a web page or website?
I cannot seem to find any difference except for the format which seems to me to be more user friendly perhaps. Once I get down the basics them perhaps, I'll be happier to share more of me.
Happy Sunday!
The Stampin'Up ® Event went well this afternoon. I made 3 cards and DH made 1. I also showed the gals the inventory album of my stamps. Hope I gave them some motivation and so ideas to get organized. Maybe, this is the year I finally do --Curiosity - Ah! But did it really kill the cat?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day Two (2)

Day Two of my blog on Today, I cut mini samples of all the Stampin'Up colors and glued them to a piece of cardstock. I'm always looking for the right paper, so now I should be able to find just the right paper for each project that I do.
Check back tomorrow evening for new posts. I'm hoping to get pictures taken of all the special cards and project that I do at the Stampin' Event tomorrow. Also, I made two new ones today and will add them soon.