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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well Christmas is almost here. Doesn't matter rather or not you are ready it comes every year at the same time. You might as well be ready all year around.
We, well not I anyway didn't really do much shopping this year. I did most of it online and really cannot remember going into any stores except Sam's Club and the grocery store since Thanksgiving.
This year we most certainly will be warm. In November, we had to replace the blower motor on the furnace and this past week the whole thing went so we had to replace the whole furnace. It cost enough for Mr. D and I to have yearly trips for 5 years or buy each other VERY nice Christmas gifts for the next 10 years. Ouch!
The family is coming over tonight for dinner and to open their gifts. Tyler is excited but because his mom's grandmother is quite ill, it will probably be a bit quieter than usual.
That family seems to really enjoy having illnesses and deaths around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think they have only missed on in the past 5 or 6 years. Perhaps they want to make sure that they are not forgotten. Ah such pitiful beings we are.
Guess we all live by the motto : Out of sight, Out of mind! I know there is a counter saying to that but right now it has passed from my mind or a Brain F; as they say.
Well, it is early morning here, but time for me to get busy. A lot of cooking to do today and I still need to wrap presents. So for now! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Found some pics

Hey, I found my pics from our Florida trip last year. One thing I've saved with 3 computer crashes in 2008 and 09 were my pictures, thanks to Webshots and Kodak. Hope everyone is getting ready for the Big Day!
DH has the outside pretty much decorated, but I haven't done much of anything indoors yet. I figure next week is soon enough and can do it between baking cookies and cleaning :p.
Went to get my Reclast injection yesterday and so today, I spending it recouping through the side effects including numbing fingers and the IBS kicking up last night and this morning. No flu symptoms this time thank goodness.
Ok, off to let the dogs out and get some breakfast.
Let not your heart be troubled, things can get worse but probably wouldn't

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paying Tribute


Check out the Veteran's Day Parade. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans including my 3 brothers, my deceased husband, my two sons and my wonderful Mr. D. for keeping our Country FREE.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween is over and November is Here...

Ok here's the thing; Winter is fast approaching, well not the actual season according to the calendar, but weatherwise. Snow for this evening has been forecasted, although is not to stay, but who is ready for that white stuff with lots of color and lots of green grass after the short, wet summer we had. Not I!

DH has been working on my stamping room last week and this week and we are hoping to have it finished by this weekend. Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise that just may happen.

Oh, I'm not going on here. I just wanted to post a few lines to keep my blog going.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Busy Autumn

Whee, this has been one heck of a ride through October. We finally got a couple of days of warm weather. Yesterday, Mr D and I sanded and poly - ed pine boards for shelves he will be installing on the sun porch to convert it into a stamp/craft room for me. He is tired of falling over my tons of stamps, paper and accessories in every room in the house.

Therefore, some nice shelves should do the trick. The light is much better in there also and I can see outdoors during the upcoming winter.

On Thursday, my youngest son and I are making a short trip down state to meet some of his 2nd cousins from Chicago. They are driving in and we are planning on having lunch with them. We will leave here early am for the 120 mile trip and it will also give us a couple of hours to catch up. Mr D, D-I-L and D-Grandson will not be going so it will be just the two of us. We had such a lovely though sad trip together in January of 08 to Florida hoping this will be under better conditions. We will take my car and Mr D, the DARLIN' is vacuuming and cleaning the windows for me.

Gotta run. If you get a chance visit my Stampin'UP!� website at

Hope y'all have a great day and week if I don't get back here sooner.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My How Time Flies

Where did the last month go? We finally got some nice weather, but I really haven't been doing anything very creative. Although there are lots of things on my mind.

Started a new School House Quilt aha Red and White. So very striking. Also made a table topper and crochet a doily that needs to be blocked and ironed before I can photograph it.

Our Stamping Club has met twice and the next meeting is September 24Th. I'm in the process of getting our projects edited and ready for posting this coming week.

The National Political scene has been interesting this summer. Even with all the financial turmoil, it is a welcome site to see that the American Silent Majority is finally stepping up to the plate and taking a few swings at not only our elective representatives in Washington but also the "Fringe Media" that has been so wonderful to the Democratic Party this year and called Independents and Republics every thing from 'redneck racists' to Nazis and AstroTurfs (?) whatever that is. Got me lost there.

On the economic scene our local General Electric plant are layoff over 1400 employees. We are very glad that DH retired when he was 60 and got out before the S(tuff) hit the fan here. Not that living on a fixed income is easy by any stretch of the imagination, it beats unemployment and welfare.

Health wise, we are doing very well considering our age. Both of us are feel good.

The dogs are so very happy and truly enjoy their great big playground since the 6 foot chain link fence has been installed. They would like it even better if we would let them out to run in the wet grass after all the rain we had this summer, but we have enough work to do without bathing them every day.

OK, I'm outta here for now.
Let not your heart be troubled. Take care, be safe and healthy until next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Icky Week

What an ICKY week this has turned out to be... Changed over from cable to DirectTV and again they are seeing that stupid sign on our foreheads that reads "Suckers". Who would have thought to ask if we will get our local television channels. (Of course not, not without paying an extra fee for a box and hookup).
O M G is it any wonder why the "Government" has to get involved with all this stuff when there are suckers like me ... "hitting myself on my head" Why of course you, the consumer, must ask if you will get your local television channels. WHAT is wrong with me?? Then the cable company tells me when I cancel their service that I have a modem from back in 2006 when I changed my internet service over to DSL...
Are you kidding or what? I paid over $100.00 at Best Buy to get hooked up with a cable company that went "DEFUNK" back in 2001 and now, Time Warner is telling me that I have a modem that I leased it from Adelphia and must give it to them, or they will charge me $50.00.
Now, wait one darn minute. I did not ask for Time Warner, and when I switched over to DSL in 2006, they should have requested it. Another question, did Time Warner purchase Adelphia, or were they just assigned Adelphia's customers?
I will be happy to give them the stupid out-dated modem, but I will give it to them WHEN I find it and if they charge me $50.00 for it, if I don't find it within a certain timeframe, then they will get that money over my dead BODY!!! It is as plain and simple as that.
Then I get in here to my blog, and my feedit tells me that I am from "Union City" What? That is over 30 miles away from my current location almost in another county.... What is going on?
I am soooo confused! Gotta go now!
We are doing a day trip to pick up my new "Saddle stool". Dear S-I-L is going with us but we cannot leave until DH does HIS errands first which are always move important than anything anyone elses wants. Am I raging today? I certainly looks like it.
Weatherwise, we are finally getting some summer temperatures, although it rains almost every other day. I'm waiting for at least some of that so called "Global Warming".
Hey, y'all have a fabulous day! I'm going to try... And I'm going to try not to spend too much money at the Quilt shop! :p

Friday, August 14, 2009


it really has been some week. I finally got DH and granddaughter to help me paint the kitchen. DH is a collector and confirmed pack rat as am I, so things just kind of get moved from one place to another. So this month I decided that even though I cannot do much physically, I will start to delegate tasks to him and recruit my lovely granddaughter when ever I can to help me get this house in order before I crock and then they will have to do it all by themselves lol!
Tons of other things going on including excited about finally getting some summer weather.
We also are signing up for "The Angelfood Ministries" locally. Also have gotten DH stepmother and stepsisters to sign up. Not only is it a worthy cause, but when everyone is on fixed income I can see how hard it is to make ends meet. Mom Millie, really will like it as the box she ordered are meals that are all ready prepared and as she needs a walker to get around, having her lunch already prepared will be wonderful.
I like the fact that there really isn't too much food as we tend to buy too much and then so much goes to waste or spoils before we get to it. We sign up today and told DGD that she and her college roommate should also as it will be less expensive for them and the two of them could eat better for less and help out the ministry also.
Today is sign up day, and after I take DIL and GS to swimming, DH and I will go down and get signed up for this month.
Today is also 'Home Blessing' day. That is a general house cleaning, hopefully I can get that done before I go for the swimming class. And maybe I can make a couple of new cards today. I have been busy appliqueing a table top so I haven't did any new cards. It is fast approaching the end of August, duh and time to start thinking about the Fall and then Winter coming upon the year flies by fast.
Someone once told me that I should keep a journal, and not ever publish it because it would be boring, ah ha... he hit the nail on the head with that one yeah!! Gerry!
Gotta go now... enjoy Willie and have a Great Weekend End!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

As of late....

have been so very busy that I've not even had a chance to sit here and think, let alone, write.
All this damp cool weather has really taken a hold on me and if I ever have been depressed this most certainly is the year. Little sunshine, and lots of rain. As I look out now, it has become quite overcast and although it is almost 7:45 there should still be a bit of sunshine around. OH NO!
Everyone has been in a dither about all the bad economic news, cash for clunkers, health care overhaul and etc. It isn't very nice for many folks around this area or for that matter of fact around the country. Too bad we entrust our livelihood to politicians who main concern is condemnation of their country and employers (U.S. Citizens) rather than thankfully making sure that they follow the laws of the land. Then of course there is many of them getting very, very rich on the "Fear" that our beautiful planet cannot take care of itself and we are destroying it with a made up story of "Global Warming". Even if some do not believe a a superior being, they most certainly should not be so arrogant to think that this beautiful planet could not take care of itself. They just need to look at the hurricanes, and earthquakes to see that it most certainly can.
Tonight's dinner hasn't even been started so I really have got to go and get something going. I bought some wonderful wraps, so I think I should go and wrap up some turkey slices with perhaps a bit of honey mustard sauce or maybe even some blue cheese dressing... yummy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Screwy Bing . Com

What the heck is going on? I use my address bar and every site I go to, I'm redirected to this STUPID BING com... talk about hijackers. And whom do you report this thing? I know I had an update yesterday that needed restarting and now I'll spend another day searching through Microsoft to find out what happened. It isn't bad enough that my external hard drive, wiped out all my graphics, digital scrapping and stamping stuff, now I need to deal with this crap.
Sometimes I wonder just why this machine is important to me anyway.
Weather wise, it is still cool and they are forecasting rain again. My garden is a total disaster. Nothing is doing anything except for the potatoes and there are a couple of wee tomatoes on the stunted growth vines. I'm just having a "bad hair" day to say the least.
We made it out to the Cherry Festival last night. Had a great hamburger, fresh curly fries, Coke and a fabulous piece of Cherry pie. Yummy. Mr D took a couple of pics so will try to get them uploaded shortly.
My brother and s-i-l were here for 10 days and we had a lot of fun. Seemed like all we did was eat. Made it out to the Casino for lunch one day. D S-I-L won a couple of hundred $ but the rest of us came home even or at a loss. But I beginning to accept this "Black" cloud over my head is for real. yuk, yuk yuk!
Ok, back to listen to Willie. Have a great day and let not your heart be troubled.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flash Flooding - more on the way!

We have gotten 4.62 inches of rain since 9:30 am and 2.66" in about a 6 minute period. DH took pictures of the flooding in the backyard. The city has requested all unnecessary traffic be stopped, and ordered evacuation along Mill Creek in Belle Valley. See photos here We definitely had our share of water today.

Although, "The Weather Channel" is totally in the dark about what is happening here, they are forecasting scattered thundershowers today and tomorrow.At this point, we are safe, but the garden is mostly washed out. Hopefully, the seedlings are strong enough to stay put.
On another note, I read in one of the area magazine, a story about the sunsets on Lake Erie, has been falsely reported to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The author of the article reported that "National Geographic" said they had no such information. The problem with the whole thing is that "National Geographic" never had the article in the first place but rather it was Rand McNally who reported that back in the 80's in their atlas. It is too bad that some authors don't bother to get all the details before writing articles.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox again.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day Trip Planned

Finally, a day trip planned. I've been waiting for this since before Easter and tomorrow we are actually going to do it.

My brother and s-i-l are camping about an hour away and we are driving over tomorrow (Sunday) for brunch, a day of playing (cards) and dinner. I'll have to call him today to make sure we can brings the dogs especially if it is going to be a whole day affair. They would not be happy staying home all day by themselves and I really do not want to impose on anyone to come over and dog sit with them.

DH needs to give them a bath today and I need to go to a Jewelery Raffle Luncheon this afternoon. I've had the tickets since the end of April and will be meeting up with dh step mom and sisters. We always have such a fun time.

Don't forget to check out on Wednesday, July 1st to see all the new In Colors and the latest catalog. I'm so excited to share them with you!

Here are some of the latest cards I made last week:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Graduation is Over

Summer is here and graduation is over. As the 4th of July approaches, we got word that my oldest brother and sister-in-law will be arriving on July 2nd to spend a couple of weeks here with us in their 5th Wheel travel trailer. I am so looking forward to see them under happy conditions for a change.

Everyone is busy here with weddings, graduations and yard work. Our garden is coming a long fairly good considering the cool damp weather we have been having. The corn is up and will be knee high by the 4th (depending upon whose knees) lol. Therefore, Rocket has been elected to put it to the test.

I made a couple of new cards and will try to post them tomorrow after I get them resized.

Just to let everyone know, I have a clean bill of health, well stable from 3 doctors this month. I am looking forward to being healthy for a long time to come. I worked hard since December to be a non-smoker without much success, so I enrolled in a "Freedom from Smoking" session put on by the American Lung Association and next Monday will be week 4 and our "QUIT" week. I think I am really ready to be a non-smoker and I think I can do it. Perhaps I should say "know" I can do it, if I practice what I preach! (Thoughts are things!)

Ok, I have blabbered on here for a bit. I just want to wish y'all a very pleasant day and "Let not your heart be trouble!" until the next time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spring gone - Summer long days are close ...

Another week almost gone! Oh my, but Summer is almost here yippee. We got some super news last week. Big Brother and D Sister-in-law are on their way to spend some time here with us. They spend most of the year traveling around the country in their 5th wheel and every couple of years they come by to stop in on the beautiful southern shores of Lake Erie. We so enjoy their visits and look forward to playing cards with them.
We are getting some rain and you can almost hear the garden growing. The peas, beans, corn are up and we are looking forward to fresh radishes very soon.
I got pretty good clean bill of health this past couple of weeks when I had to visit my doctors and have a bundle of test done.
I have a whole bunch of pictures to load up from the graduation and party, but will not get them done until the weekend.
Now, I'm getting some lunch and wish y'all a very pleasant day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fine Ending to a Beautiful Day

The Graduation was a success! Over 600 students received their diplomas including Kori and yes it was signed :o) We didn't stay for the whole thing. First, the 10 minute drive to the Civic Center took us over a half hour and we had to go up 2 flights of stairs, second, there was a baseball game scheduled and it was "Buck Night!" so the traffic was terrible. Fortunately, Kori has a last name that lets her be among the first half of the class. Congratulations, Kori!
Last night I talked to her mom and we were talking about what a lovely young lady Kori is. Her mom, Tracey, and I discussed child-proof homes and teaching children the word "NO!" We both believe that teaching children the meaning of the word "No" teaches them responsibility and protects them away from home. Too many young kids are heartbroken or definet because they do not know the true meaning of "no" once they come across the word out in the world. 'No' used with love and care does not cause low self esteem. In my opinion, "no" can create confidence and will sooner or later let the child know that the parents truly love them.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox now!
The new Stampin'Up!© In Colors, 09-10 Catalog and preview items are due to arrive today. The new IBC will be available July 1, 2009 for ordering. The Last Chance list is posted on the website and you can get there by going to and clicking shop now. Also, remember that the old In Colors will be discontinued on June 30th so if you liked any of those colors now is the time to get them before they are gone forever.
Well for now, let not your heart be troubled, until next time. HAGD!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Big Day

Today, my Granddaughter graduates from high school. Remember how long those 12 years were when you were a kid? My, how the time changes for a Grandmother, seems like only yesterday when she and I went for her first ice cream cone.
She was about 3 and she said, "Grandma, you need a new car!" Now she has her own car and I'm tell her the same thing... :) Driving 20 miles through our winter weather requires a safe and effective vehicle. Guess that is my main worry. I am thankful she will only be driving it on weekends and when the weather is bad doesn't need to come home at all.
It is early here and I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed for a bit, but oh I really don't like to do that, because I can think of a thousand things I could be doing or that need to be done. I just need to motivate myself when I first get up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long Day and longer

Well, June is finally here! May seemed to be oh so long!
Kori is graduating next week and this week is her awards ceremony for her cosmopology class, next week is graduation and a graduation party at her mom's. All this and my Stampin'Up! business is taking off, because I signed up my first demonstrator this week.
DH and I took a road trip this morning and got home around 2:30. We stopped and had lunch at a little resturant. It was very good and they even had homemade pies... My favorite dessert. I took maybe 3 pictures all on his camera, so nothing much else except that it cleared up and turned out to be quite a beautiful cool day.
Until the next time, "Let not your heart be troubled".

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey I Finally Remembered...

I finally remembered to come in here tonight before getting to bed.
I've not did anything since Sunday with stamping except go to Ebay today and finding a couple of bargains and a couple of rip offs... oh well never mind. We are getting ready for a Pampered Chef party here on Friday and I still have much to do like get to the Paper store and get napkins and forks and spoons... Sure wish Kmart had what I wanted. I'm sure complaining tonight. So guess it is time for bed. Pleasant dreams everyone!
Until the next time, "Let not your hearts be troubled!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Acer One

Wow this is really neat! Got a new Acer Aspire One is copper. A mere 9" and weighs 2-1/2#s. I can actually lift it with one hand. It is so cool! Lots of ram and lots of storage too with a built in webcam. Can hardly wait to show my manager at our next crop on the 31st.
Hope everyone is ready for a wonderful long weekend. We are not planning anything until next
Friday when I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party.

I'll have new photos loaded up tomorrow of some new cards I'm making.
Until then, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Card

Made another card yesterday then my friend Valerie came over last night and we made some Father's Day cards. We had a bit of a problem with the dimensions but finally it turn out ok.
DH is busy in the yard. Ready to rototill the garden and tomorrow a load of lumber for the deck addition is scheduled to arrive. I'm definitely taking a before and after pic of that. It will be so much different with the 40' Holly tree removed.
Until then, "Let not your heart be troubled."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It certainly is a sunny Sunday. Very cool 48 f and the furnace has come on 3 times since 7 this morning.
Dinner is in the oven, pot roast. The aroma is fabulous!
We are expecting company this afternoon, so I will not get any playtime today either. Oh for the shame of it.

So, tonight, I may get the next digi- scrap finished. I also have to pages to do for DSP challenges that I'm signed up for. I did finish my ATC challenge for split coast swap and will get them in the mail tomorrow.

Until later, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here is the first full digital scrap the I made. Hope you like it.


"Let not your heart be troubled!"

Check it out!

Check out my first digital scrap!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Rain

We are finally getting some rain. It has been quite cool here, but very little rain this month. The temperature has finally reach over 50 overnight.
I'm up early today to take my friend to the dentist this morning so thought I get in here for a few words.
Got together with some friends I haven't seen in quite awhile last night. It is always nice to be able to see old friends and there is always so much catching up to do when you do not keep in touch on a regular basis. I saw an boss from way back and even at the age of 73 and several battles with cancer she looks as great as always and as cheerful as ever. All bosses should be that way. :)
Wishing y'all a great day.
Hope to get a couple more cards posted this afternoon and even another scrapbook page and a link to some digital kits I made last winter. So my day is full.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Stampin'Up! Projects

Busy and productive day here at Funky Stamping Time.
I made 3 greeting cards and took pictures to get them uploaded to my Multiply site. You can see them at:

Hope you enjoy seeing them and thank you for looking.

We had a big event on Saturday which turned out very nice despite the rain and cold weather. DH and I each made 6 cards and ate lots of taco dip and veggies.

Our new eating plan has been a success. DH lost 14 pounds and I lost 6. I'm happy to stay right here. He still has about 14 more to go and should be able to reach that goal by the end of the month. We both feel good and are doing very well without the soda and sugar. The oatmeal for breakfast isn't boring yet. We did, however, have buttermilk pancakes yesterday in honor of Mother's Day.

Both my sons called and it was nice to hear from them.

Got to run now.

Have a great day and "Let not your heart be troubled."

New Greeting Cards

I did 3 new cards this afternoon after the service man from Filter Queen came and worked on my 18 year old vacuum cleaner. It purrs like a kitten again and smells much better

Check out my photos here for more of what I did today.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wahoo! Fixed

I am so happy now! I got this fixed. It took me 2 days off and on plus the week I agonized over it. :o)
Thank you for your patience!
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.
Thank you for the lovely phone call Cherokee Candy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Working on Fixing this

I've lost all my feeds and adsense. Also the dashboard to set it all up again to add widgets that I had when I signed up here on If I cannot get it fixed I'll have to move this to another site.
Hope that doesn't happen.
Have a happy Full Moon Day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What happen to the edit and my RSS and daily quote

Clicked a button some where here and lost the ability to edit my gadgets. Where did my kitty go? I cannot find it anyway. I no longer have the ability to add a daily quote or anything?
Where did all those goodies go?

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day, May Day!

Only have a couple of minutes... brownies are in the oven.
We went to Sam's Club today and for what it is worth -- the prices have doubled since we were there in February. Well perhaps that is an exaggeration... but they certainly went up. The detergent, dishwasher soap and most household items jump quite a bit. We are beginning to feel the crunch. Actually, it started last month.

DH step-mom and step-sister got moved yesterday. Just minor things to do now. He is much releived.

Until later, Let not your heart be troubled.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wunderground Weather

This could be quite interesting.

Weather station installed April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missed Monday

Must have been a real blue Monday. I totally missed it.
DH rototilled the garden this morning and set up my weather station.
Suggested that the garden get turned before it rained and he got two runs through it before it started. That will give the compost a nice start.
We attended a seminar on Organic Gardening last week and found out some good stuff about composting. I was very pleased to see that our first year turned out quite successful and there was no stink at all and it looked really healthy. Well as healthy as a compost can look.

The weather station KPAErie5 will be up and running on by tomorrow, and as soon as the outdoor webcam arrives it will be interesting to see what the yard looks like from a different position then ground level. We struggled with some of the controls such as the wind speed, but finally got all of the items working very nicely.

Made one card today and will get it posted tomorrow.

Now, I'm going to let the dogs out to bark at the big bunny in backyard. They went crazy the other day when a lovely doe went walking past their fence, but scared her away in short order. It is too wet and muddy now after a half inch of rain for them to go running since they just had a bath yesterday.

Ok, I'm finished now and going to go watch The Factor with Bill O'Reilly.

Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

How Did I Miss

The Weather Station

DH worked on the weather station last evening and it is set up except for the readings on the wind station. I've been wanting to do this for sometime and I'm now waiting for my wireless outdoor webcam to arrive. If you would like to see what the weather is like here at my place you can go to and check out weather station KPAERIE5.

Today, before it rains, DH wants to see how wet the garden plot is and get it turned over before it state

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, beginning a new week!

Wow we have had some fabulous temperatures. In the 80's yesterday, today and even tomorrow. I just love it. The first time since October that I've been able to wear some without long sleeves. :)
Really, have been doing a bit of cleaning this morning and shredded some old papers from last century. It really feels good to de-clutter some of this old stuff. If I could only get to my desk I'd be one happy Camper.
We took the dogs out to the Peninsula again this afternoon. They really need to be desensitize because they have been cooped up all winter. Kerri just loves to get her feet wet, but she backs up as the waves come at her. She is so cute. Rocket just like smell around to see if he can find any rabbits or chipmunks.
Here is another card I made. Hope you like it.

Love the colors of this. The red is Riding Hood Red and the green is Kiwi Kiss. Both of these colors are the 2008-2009 In Colors and will be gone after June 30th. If you love them as much as I do, be quick and go to my website at :

and order them. The In Colors have the classic ink, the paper, 8-1/2" x 11, and 12 x 12 including Textured, ink refills and ribbon.
Ok, I've gotta run now. I have pictures to download from my camera and get things picked up before bed time.

Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Lifestyle Plan

Well, today we start back on our healthy eating plan. I've gain about 5 pounds more than I need this past winter and now it is time to get of the soda and sweets. So, this morning dh and I had our morning hot lemon water and finish our breakfast of oatmeal. Now, today we will have a healthy snack of fruit, nuts, fish, and vegetables every 3 hours. Snack includes our lunch and dinner. By 9 pm tonight we will be finished eating and be feeling oh so much better.

I have a stamping event this afternoon and so I am about ready to get my supplies all together so that I can arrive on time for a change. These meeting are always fun and it is nice to meet up with "like-minded friends".

One of my creative goals for 2009 was to complete 12 crocheted doilies, one for each month and now I am up to 7 for the year so far. I'm in the process of taking pictures and hope to produce a slideshow to post shortly.

This isn't getting anything done, so better get a move on here.

Until next time, "Let not your heart be troubled".

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 7 Oh my where the time go. I really like to share my latest swap only because I worked so long on it :o) So here it is. All items used are Stampin'Up ®

The stamp set is Merci which was a limited edition. I just recently found it on Ebay at a very inexpensive price. I'm thinking that it will go for more that a mere $4.95.
  • Stamp Set: Stampin'Up ® Merci and Sincere Salutations
  • Ink: Chocolate Chip Classic
  • Paper: Chocolate Chip Card stock, Regal Rose, Kiwi Kiss and Very Vanilla
  • Designer Series Paper: Walk in the Park
  • Technical: Watercolor Pencils and Blender Pens; Coloring edge of Kiwi Kiss with Chocolate Chip Classic Ink Pad
  • Accessories: Scallop Edge Punch and Corner Rounder punch
  • Elements: Certainly Celery Ribbon from the 2009 SAB Ribbon Bundle

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phew It is Finally ...

Talked with dear s-i-l this morning and Mom and Sandy got a closing date for their house and new home. This is a big relief to dh as he can now put his back into getting a lot of things finished up like all that will be stored in our garage. It amazes me how much that guy can store yet screams at me if there is a stamp in the middle of the table when he needs something :)

Day 6... Made 7 swap cards this morning. Actually, it took me most of the day because I was having trouble with the ribbon, so by the time I got finished it was 5 pm minus the time that the dogs and I took a nap.

Really haven't been sleeping very well. It is not that I'm not sleeping, just cannot seem to get to bed at an earlier hour. Maybe tonight if I get everything done on my filing and computer that I need to do and stop messing around with Paint Shop Pro! tee hee!

I have most of the cards loaded up to my website, so I will be able to get them posted on here very shortly.
Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do Diligences

Yes, found what I was looking for today.
I always remember an old saying we used in real estate sales.
"Ask for the business. The worse they can say is no and in 30 years :) who cares."
Yes, I asked and I received. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was that easy?
Had my 3rd Stampin'Up workshop tonight. It is always so much fun to actually share something new with my friends. We laughed and stamped and created.
I also got to see those beautiful twin boys, oh my they are lovely. Jamison and Daiman, don't know if I spelled Daiman's name correct. Sorry, I'll correct the spelling later.
Have been having trouble with my internet connection tonight. I think it is all the wind we have been having and the phone company was working on the lines outside the house over the past week and know that the phone lines have had a lot of static on them.
It is late and I wanted to get the new background loaded up, but really don't think I can get it done.
I also need to get a couple of more links posted. So I should get busy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Much Lucky Here

Ok, I give up for now... I want to add my own graphics to the background and header, but I just cannot seem to find out how to do it. Guess, I need to do more research.
I did take pictures of all my cards and I'll start to get them uploaded this evening.
Until then, it is time to start dinner.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Workings of a Blog

Oh my Day 3 -- What is the difference between a blog and a web page or website?
I cannot seem to find any difference except for the format which seems to me to be more user friendly perhaps. Once I get down the basics them perhaps, I'll be happier to share more of me.
Happy Sunday!
The Stampin'Up ® Event went well this afternoon. I made 3 cards and DH made 1. I also showed the gals the inventory album of my stamps. Hope I gave them some motivation and so ideas to get organized. Maybe, this is the year I finally do --Curiosity - Ah! But did it really kill the cat?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day Two (2)

Day Two of my blog on Today, I cut mini samples of all the Stampin'Up colors and glued them to a piece of cardstock. I'm always looking for the right paper, so now I should be able to find just the right paper for each project that I do.
Check back tomorrow evening for new posts. I'm hoping to get pictures taken of all the special cards and project that I do at the Stampin' Event tomorrow. Also, I made two new ones today and will add them soon.