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Friday, December 20, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 6

Christmas Memories ~ Day 6

Who doesn't love beautiful music? Have you actually listened to the Christmas Carols? They have to be some of the most beautiful music in the whole world.

Every year the chorus at the school would walk around on a cold winter night singing at homes in our town. After the caroling and then we would end up back at the gym for hot chocolate to warm our toes only to go back out and get all cold again. Too funny now that I think about it.

On this one particular year that I recall was the best of time when I was in high school I talked them all into walking all the way out to my home to sing for my mom. We all walked and walked to the edge of town. My Mother had never had anyone ever sing in front of her house and I remember the bright lights in her eyes as we stood there singing the most beautiful words to music that is still ringing around the world today.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 5

Christmas Memories ~ Day 5

 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree:
Hard pressed for money to buy a Christmas tree a year after our Father's death left 5 kids under the age of 18, pretty darn sad to say the least. Mama gently, well as gently as she could, told us that it was just one of those things that we wouldn't be having this year. And in some terms it was sad but in other terms, we just accepted it as the nature of things.

As Christmas Eve drew close the reality really sank in and as we ate our dinner of Mama's favorite, oyster stew, it seemed awful quiet around the table. When a knock at the door surprised everyone. The house was only one on the street so if a car drove in the driveway, most anyone would hear it or at least see the headlights. This evening, however, it was a surprised.

When Mama opened the door a loud Ho Ho was heard throughout the house. There stood if you remember "Lawrence", well it wasn't him, but one of his brothers who not only was the Chief of Police but also an active member of the Kiwanis Club.

There they were 2 guys with rosy cheeks from the cold standing at the door with a small "Charley Brown" tree and an armload of packages for the little ones who were my young brother and me. We were overjoyed and very grateful when Leonard said, "We met Santa down the street and he asked us to deliver these to your house. The Spirit of Christmas came to our house one cold snowy Christmas day in the early 50's to a little house in North Dakota.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 4

Christmas Memories ~ Day 4

Ever tried to learn how to ice skate on hockey skates that were 2 sizes too big? Well, that is what we did as kids. Our town would flood a vacant lot with water every year and add a little shack for all the kids to use free.

The skating rink was across the on the same street as the park and the swimming pool. The pool had an admission charge, but the park and ice skating rink were free to all. But for a dime, you could rent a pair of skates for the day or evening. The only drawback was that the only skates for rent were black hockey skates.

If you were fortunate to have a bit more money, some girls would get figure skates for Christmas, but those who couldn't afford them would rent the skates from "Lawrence"!

Now, everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew "Lawrence". "Lawrence" was the brother of the local police chief and as it was, he was married to our cousin and with 5 kids and our 6 everyone knew everyone or someone who knew everyone.  And as I look back, Lawrence, his brother, and his family did more for our town then most of the wealthy folks.

Ice skating and having an extra dime for hot chocolate after a session of crisp North Dakota winter air was a highlight of our Christmas season. I never really learned how to ice skate on those black men's hockey skates, but then I only got to go skating maybe once a year. But, when I was a senior in high school my sister-in-law gave me her figure skates and for a brief moment, I aspired to be a world champion.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 3

Christmas Memories ~ Day 3

Baking Mama's Christmas Coffee Cakes was one of the biggest baking days of the year next to Easter. Everyone, except the big boys, had to help. There were apples to peel, pineapple filling to make and the ingredients gathered for the 'Streuseltrosoll' topping, not to be confused with strudel.

Mama's coffee cakes were liken unto no other that I've ever had, even to this day! They were a sweet egg bread dough stretched into pie pans and small cake pans then the toppings were put on them and baked to a delicious golden brown "to die for". There wasn't one kid in the house would or could wait quietly until Christmas morning to have a piece or maybe even 2 if you were lucky.

Mama always made the dough, we got to stretch it out into the pans and I got to make the topping of flour, sugar, cinnamon and butter. I got to put my hands into the big crock bowl and feel the flour and sugar combination between my fingers, ah, no rubber gloves in those days.

Perhaps, the best was the pineapple/cottage cheese which was a sweet mixture of rare ingredients for a family in North Dakota. I can, if I close my eyes, smell the aroma coming from the oven.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 2

Christmas Memories ~ Day 2

Choir Robes! Oh, those choir robes. It seems to be a struggle every year to get those little things together. For the first 3 years of school, all the students had to have choir robes for the annual Christmas Concert that was held at the school gym about the last Friday before Christmas vacation started. As I'm trying to remember it was grades 1 through 3 that wore the cute little white robes.

I finally figured out why every year it was a struggle to get them. A simple explanation was that they were made out of white dish towels. The old- fashioned flour sack dish towels so when the program was over, they were recycled back into the kitchen even with the head hole. I remember my big sister, Ilene, rushing around on the last day to make sure that I had one that was as bright white as she could find and even one year both my younger brother and I both had to have one and of course, I panicked because I was sure I would be the one who didn't have one.

But, alas, she always came through and they were always bright white and whether or not we did or didn't sound like angels, our rosy cheeks and all the celebrate made us BELIEVE!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 1

Christmas ~ A Fond Remembrance

Perhaps the very first remembrance of Christmas that I have was about the age of 4 or 5. I know that I hadn't started the school year. We always waited for snow for Christmas even though living in North Dakota that wasn't the thing you would particularly like back in the late 40's, early 50's, but Christmas was special and nobody mind having snow at least for that day.

This year was very special for me because it is the only year I remember with my Father. My Father was a tall lanky guy with 6 children of school age and I remember he always had a cough and looked like he was cold and busy. There were chores to be done, jobs to do and besides working for somebody else, he kept a small farm with cows, horses, chicken, ducks, and geese. We always had homegrown canned goods and dairy products. Our 2 bedroom house was always warm when Dad was alive even if we had to pick 'cow pies' to burn in the pot belly stove. The boys had a room, and the girls slept on the sofa. My younger brother had a crib and I slept with my Dad and Mom. How we ended up in that situation is another story.

Anyway, back to the Christmas story. This special year, I got a doll. She had some kind of a "breakable" head and rubber fingers and a pretty blue dress with little blue ribbon bows. She cried when she was laid down and her eyes closed. As most kids I probably had her undressed by the end of the first day. That old doll went through a whole lot, but I don't know what ever happen to her. She was very special to me and I was oh so proud that I had a doll.

Now the special thing was that I remember sitting on my Father's lap watching him tip the doll over to hear her cry. "Listen, he said, this dolly is crying. Poor Dolly!" I remember giggling, but was more interested in the string from his "Bull Durham" tobacco pouch hanging out of his shirt pocket.

My Dad died a year or so later from cancer, but this had been my one and only Christmas memory I have of him. Love you, Dad!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another Month GONE!

Yes, 'tis true, November is over and Christmas is fast approaching. When I finished the "In the Meadow" quilt, I figured I would have at least 2 more done before it was time to cook the turkey, but that didn't happen. So, although I did not get another one done, I did start basting one over the weekend and it WILL be done before the 15th when it is time to decorate the tree.

Decided that there will be not gift exchange this year except for Bobby and the 2 grandsons. None of this craziness of trying to decide what to get who and what size or what gift card is right for whom. I'm just not going to do it. PERIOD!

There is also the idea of getting to go on a day trip which Mr. D and I have been doing to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement, but not sure I even want to do that. Seems that finances have become tight this year and instability of the economy these days, perhaps we should just stay home where it is warm and safe.

Oh, yes, we have had a lot of laughs with the dogs. Seems the little boy, The Rocket, can be quite lazy even when it is treat time.

Just updating the wonderful late Autumn weather we are having so we are enjoying it while we can with day trips and shopping and home again jiggery, jig!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another One Down

And another one bites the dust!
This one took me almost a month to quilt. It was sitting in the living room at the beginning of October and each day I would do a little except on days when I didn't feel good and there were a few of those during a month of colds, flu shots and a short bout of pleurisy.
Then I even had time to get this table runner done for Christmas.

And yesterday, I started another one. I'm so glad and happy that Mr. D has set up a mini sewing studio in the house where I can just sit and do one of my favorite things. Thank God for Mr. D

Monday, September 23, 2013

Another One Done

Beach Cottage quilt is done. Time to start another one. Tomorrow afternoon well after the cleaning leave, I'll head out to the sewing loft for the "In the Meadow" or Craftsy BOM, 2012, I haven't decided which one I want to do first.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Feels like Autumn and I got to sleep in this morning. Eight hours of sleep feels really good and there was coffee already for me when I did finally pull myself out of bed.

Today, I'm starting on my Beach Cottages quilt. Finished Dr. Who on Saturday and as much as I enjoyed the experience by the time the 12 weeks were up, so was I ready to be finished.

Yesterday, we dined mainly out of our garden with just a few minor exception which was a quarter pound of hamburger and sodas and lettuce. Those Roma tomatoes were really piling up and beginning to look a bit ill, so I decided that spaghetti sauce was in order. I have canned spaghetti sauce in the past, but yesterday I made a small batch just for the two of us. It was pretty yummy I must say!

Now for the quilt:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Block Done

September already!
This year has certainly zipped by in a flash. WOW!
Today is the second day of quilting my Dr. Who quilt. I am amazed at how smoothly it is going on the home machine. As it progresses, I'm certain that I can get it finished and maybe even get my Beach House quilted before the end of the month.
Last weekend was the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie and the War of 1812. We went to see the Tall Ships Parade, but that is all. Missed the concert, the lighting of the Perry Monument and the concert in the park, oh well, I'm getting use to miss things that I want to see. We had earlier missed the German Fest which I just love.
We did go to the WA picnic, but it rained so we did not stay very long although I was happy to get home and out of the cold.
The Flagship, Brig Niagara coming in to Presque Isle Bay:
This is the latest BOM from Craftsy. It certainly is retro

And Dr. Who basted and ready to start quilting.

Friday, August 16, 2013

It has been quite the week here. The deck extension is almost done. DH has been working on it all week and should finish the steps and railing today. Although personally I really want to go to Staples today and get some good printer paper. Besides, I would love to go for a ride in the newest edition to our fleet.
Perhaps if I mention it, the plans will change a bit.

Finally, not much rain this week, but it has been chilly. For August we are having rather cool evenings a bit early this year. However; I should have known that when the central a/c was installed last month. That is okay though because we can keep the electric bill down a bit. Seems everything is going up and only when we catch a break with something like Mercedes, do we progress to the norm these days.

Anyway, I have been doing some sewing and got caught up with the Sugar Block club and I only have one block to do for the Craftsy BOM to finish. DH oldest son is here staying until he finds a place, well he needs a job first and he has been doing some real cleaning around here and hopefully it will allow me to actually do some quilting, now that I have an empty table to work on.

Well, here is the June & July Blocks for Craftsy BOM:

I'm not sure that I will be happy with all the different fabrics and colors I have used but I really do not care at this point. The bundles I have chosen seem to be off and not too coordinated but oh well.
Ok now that is it for today.
Stay free!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sugar Block Time

Today, I finally got to work on my Sugar Block BOM quilt. Finished block #6 & #7 and already have #8 waiting in the box. Get it done, get it done it cries. Fortunately I'm still finding time to do a bit of sewing even with having added 2 people to the basic household if only temporarily. It gets a bit stressful and now is getting a bit costly as well. So I'm pinching pennies a bit more and DH isn't too happy about that. Oh well, not my kid!
This is June's called Home Sweet Home. I think it is cute.

 And here is July to cool off a bit with Lime Sherbet. Now that I look at it perhaps it should be called Grape Sherbet or I should have turned around some of the colors.
Well enough for today. I've already made my main meal so now I'm going to play some games and watch Huckabee before I retire. No nap today, as it is already after 4 and I've no intention of staying up all night again.
Until later, may the Good Lord Bless and Keep you safe and free!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feeling really good about the Dr. Who quilt top. Finished up with Block #12 on Monday night and yesterday I put it together and added the first 3" border only to get a comment from one on the Facebook page that block #12 was upside down. Oh no, but then so was the time warp machine in some of the shows, so I'm letting it stay that way. This morning I added the final border of 1" black and will be ready to make the sandwich and start quilting as soon as I can get back into my sewing room.
TaDa Block #12
And the first border. No picture of the black border and may not take one until it is all together. Stay tune that may be in 15 years at the rate that I'm moving these days.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Block 11 done and alternative Block 10 while poor Block 12 continues to frustrate me with all the detail, it might take me until Christmas just to get all those little things stitched. In the meantime, I'm collecting more embroidery threads to cover all the visions dancing in my wee little head for things I want to embroider.
Oops, wait, I thought I was quilting and with so many tops done or in the process of doing, shouldn't I be actually quilting? Maybe, as soon as I get the courage to go out to my sewing room. Yes, I said courage! Seems my step-son who moved back to town and is staying in the motor home decided that all our carpets needed a cleaning, moved a whole bunch of stuff out to my sewing room and from what DH said, it is just all stack everywhere.
Now, I'm not saying that there was any order out there, but I cringe to think about what it is like now. Maybe Monday!
Now, for the reveal! Drum roll!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Central Air being installed this morning. Thank God! I'm suffocating here with all the humidity. We will be able to use it all of the hot days of our Summer for a total sum of on an average 3 days.
Block #10 of Dr. Who Stitch-Along is finished. I used some glitter thread on the lapel and although it was a really fine thread and hard to see the stitches, from the distance doesn't look to bad.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, hello Monday! It is hot here but I'm not complaining after the last 6 months, this is Heaven. Finished up Block #9 and block #8 alternative this morning and now, I am planning our dinner. We are having burgers, corn on the cob, and pineapple on the grill this evening. Josh went to his mom's so it is just Grandpa & myself. David R. is staying in the motor home and usually doesn't eat with us so we will have dinner when Grandpa gets back from his shopping trip this evening. In the meantime, the dogs have been given a bath by DR and now we will take a nice little nap. I'm usually up very early and today is no exception so a nap is in order.

Anyway, here are the new blocks for Dr Who Stitch Along, Block of the week:

Monday, July 8, 2013

All right, got Block # 8 finished. I really do not like this block, but someone at Fandominstitches, had an alternative block that I'm working on today. I will probably use that one in the finished quilt.
We had the 2nd Annual Kori's Kritters Event for Animal Rescue on Saturday, July 6th.
I spoke with Tracey yesterday afternoon and we are happy with the results. The winner of the 50/50 won $1000 and she donated it back to our foundation, so the Anna Shelter will have a very nice pot to work with in the upcoming year. We also came up with a couple of new ways to raise additional funds and that news will be forth coming thanks to the owner of the space where the event was held. He, who shall be nameless, reserved a VIP tent for some of HIS customers in our area and taking up space for our beneficiaries to I don't insure that he made money on this event. Pretty shady. But that is the least of it. As I was leaving, I found out who was in the VIP tent and I'm hear to tell you, I'm not happy! Karma is for real people.
Now, that I've had my rant, here is Block # 8.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dr. Who Block #7

Block #7 finished and it was a very short one. Only took me one evening. Our grandson came and will be here for the weekend, so I'm busy cooking and laughing. Dinner tonight consisted of hot dogs, beans, homemade French fries and honey fried apples. Yum, yum!
He got the 4 wheeler running and came in all muddy after riding through the mud in the backyard, oh my! He got his shower before dinner was served and even swept the dining room and kitchen floors. He a very good grandson. Thank you!
So here is Block #7 of Fandominstitches' Dr. Who Stitch Along:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 6 for Dr. Who

Well, I've finished week 6 of stitching along with Fandominstitches' Dr. Who Stitch Along. Wow, were did the last 6 weeks go? This one was fun with lots of details.
As I was stitching along, I recalled embroidering with my mother as a child. She would stitch away and when she came to those little French knots, I would almost beg to be allowed to do them as they were my favorite. She would sit and watch as I tried to do those little cuties. She would gently remind me to hold on to the string so the knots would be tight but not pull through. It was a pleasant afternoon today recalling those many years ago.
So here it is number 6 and I am patiently awaiting week 7.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fandom In Stitches - Dr. Who Stitch Along

Week #5 finished within the last 10 minutes and I really pretty happy with it. No mistakes and I didn't even have to rip out on stitch. The only snag was that on the last seam, oops bobbin thread OUT! I knew it was coming, but was hoping I could finish but heck no such luck.
Been working on a 2-1/2" stripe blocks but cannot seem to get the effect I want. Perhaps I should have made them 8-1/2 instead of what they turned out as 7-1/8 approx. and no two seem to be the same size. So there it goes into the UFO bin for another day. I have enough other tops to keep me busy and that is for another time when I'm bored and need a challenge.
Okay, here is Block #5 of Dr. Who Stitch Along.
Below is a correct Block #2 and it looks so much nicer.


So, things have been kind of quiet around here. Yesterday was out last meeting for Kori's Kritters 2nd Annual Fund Raising for animal rescue and things seem to be looking really good again this year. We are getting lots of cash donations which is always nice as cash helps everyone and so I want to say thank you to all my friends who have helped us. We probably will not get the free billboards this year, but I'm not so sure that that really matters much although we are grateful for what we had last year and it definitely would be an attention getter being up there for a 2nd year, oh well.

Chicken in the oven and I'm getting ready to throw in a couple of potatoes to bake for supper, so had better run.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dr. Who - Fandominstitches Stitch Along

OK, here is Block 3 & 4 finished. It is hard to believe that we are getting ready for week 5 and will be 1/2 way before we know it. It has almost been like being in the Tardis and riding along at the speed of light. Holy cow time flies when you are having fun and now I know what that saying really meant.

DH is off fishing with his friend, I told him that when the lake water reaches 65° I'll be ready to do some worm slinging, too. I love fishing but it has just been too cold this Spring and we still have about 10° to go before I'm willing to sit out there.

Sunny today and of course the dogs want to get out into the big yard to chase the squirrels and chipmunks but there is still way too much water sitting and the housework is difficult enough without more mud. Guess they will have to be happy with their pen for the time being. Hopefully by Wednesday they will be able to romp all they want.

Now for the pictures!
I've updated block 2 so that the border is correct but have not taken a picture of it yet. It will have to wait until I'm finished.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 3 of Fandom Stitches - Dr. Who Stitch Along.

My oh my!
Week 3 of Dr. Who FandominStitches Stitch Along done except for the framework. I'm so happy. Now I am just waiting for fabric for an experimental stripe piecing quilt. The fabric is really neat and the colors are bright and the design reminds me of 1950's retro.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally, after many days - months

Finally, after many days - months I'm getting back into my blog. I have no idea where to begin as so much has happened since March. April was so busy I hardly knew what day it was.
On the 14th our grandson, Josh, came from Massachusetts and spent a couple of days during Spring break. He left on the 19th and on the 24th my sister, and niece from the Dakotas came. It was the first time my sister Ilene has ever been to Pennsylvania and I was delighted that she made it. She is 77 yrs. old and has had 2 hip replacements and what a pleasure to see her and her daughter. But you know older sisters never change. Then on the 27th my sister-in-law from California made it here and we had a grand time even in the cold wet weather.
We cancelled a trip to Niagara Falls due to weather and decide to have breakfast, lunch and dinner out and end up at the Casino for dinner buffet and a bit on slots.
Sister and niece left on the following Monday and sister-in-law left on Thursday.
No for the sad news, my grandson made his 1st Communion on Sunday the 5th of April and because of my health and the venue I did not attend so now, I'm a very bad grandmother to say the least.
The weather has been wet and even with some warmer temperatures and humidity I am wearing a sweater which is a sure sign of old age.
I have been doing quite a bit of sewing though. I made a set of placemats, finished a quilt top and I'm working on three other BOMs and stitch-along with "FandominStitches" Dr. Who Stitch Along". I'm hoping to get a tag posted later today or by the end of the week.

Craftsy BOM 2013

Sugar BLOCK BOM - Amy Gibson

Dr. Who Stitch Along - FandominStitches.
So those are the blocks and below is the quilt top I finished and only need to finish the back.
Sew there you have it! The sewing machines have been getting a work out.
I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law, Kathy made 30 dog collars for the upcoming Kori's Kritters event that we will sell as our part of our donation for the rescue of animals. Pictures later!