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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saving America

January 2, 2016 is here and I'm here to tell you that I am still here and still praying for our Country, our law enforcement and our freedom.
Check out this link:
If you never read "Common Sense" by Thomas Payne it is probably time. Then there is Common Sense 2 by Ernest Lee. Check it out and enjoy what real Freedom really is!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Spent NO Time

Wow, here it is the end of August, another year almost gone. I spent absolutely no time here last year or this year. It has been crazy and boring. So, I just went about with my reality life and left this one hanging.
October, 2, 2014, my sister passed and I'm just not my old self. It is funny or may guilt, I'm not too sure but after all the years of absences, I know I'm missing her terribly. More like a mother than an older sister, Ilene always was there. She passed the day after our Mother's birthday, so there will be no way I will ever get pass those 2 days without much grief.

Ilene was 8 years old than me and many times she took care of my younger brother and myself when Mother was ill or needed a well-deserved break. I was her maid of honor at her wedding in 1959. I was just the legal age and don't even know if I had a new dress or anything because it was just me, my older brother, my sister and her future husband. They were married until he passed in 2008. They had 5 girls and wow, 8 grandkids and lost count on great grandchildren and several great-great grandchild, who was just 6 - 8 months old (Jasmine).

This leaves our family of 8 down to just 3 of us. My older sister, Alice & her husband were here for a visit in June. Alice is 83 & Ray is 86. They still travel around and enjoy their children. So nice. My younger brother was planning on coming last year, but didn't because his daughter moved out of state. We haven't seen Max since 2010, so I guess it is time for a trip to Florida.

Well, I've caught up a bit so until next time.
God Bless and God Bless America!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing New Here!

Well, I fell down on my promise back in December to post for the 9 days. Really! I feel kind of sad that I didn't because Christmas turned out to be one of the nicest I've had in a very long time.

Winter has been long and hard only because of the freezing temperature. Today, the last day of February and it was 9 degrees below zero this morning. I normally do not go outdoors when it is that cold because the oxygen tube feels like there are ice cubes been shoveled up my nose and down my throat, but today I did. Mr. D had a doctor's appointment early and when he got home we took a trip to West County to get some meat for the freezer. On our way home we stopped at a flooring store to look at flooring for the sun room. We had talked about getting wood, but the girl only showed us vinyl that looks like wood and very expensive too.

We have a floating vinyl flooring in the kitchen and dining room and I'm not really happy with it. Once there is a mark, such as a burn or scratch, forget it you cannot fix it. We haven't discussed it yet, but I'm thinking no way. There is less expensive wood tongue and groove flooring out there that is less expensive for that little 9 X 22 sun room and I intend to find it.

OK now, that is about all. It is time to make dinner so Pepper Cheeseburgers are on the menu so I'm off to the kitchen.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 6

Christmas Memories ~ Day 6

Who doesn't love beautiful music? Have you actually listened to the Christmas Carols? They have to be some of the most beautiful music in the whole world.

Every year the chorus at the school would walk around on a cold winter night singing at homes in our town. After the caroling and then we would end up back at the gym for hot chocolate to warm our toes only to go back out and get all cold again. Too funny now that I think about it.

On this one particular year that I recall was the best of time when I was in high school I talked them all into walking all the way out to my home to sing for my mom. We all walked and walked to the edge of town. My Mother had never had anyone ever sing in front of her house and I remember the bright lights in her eyes as we stood there singing the most beautiful words to music that is still ringing around the world today.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 5

Christmas Memories ~ Day 5

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree:
Hard pressed for money to buy a Christmas tree a year after our Father's death left 5 kids under the age of 18 pretty darn sad to say the least. Mama gently, well as gently as she could, told us that it was just one of those things that we wouldn't be having this year. And in some terms it was sad, but in other terms we just accepted it as the nature of things.

As Christmas Eve drew close the reality really sank in and as we ate our dinner of Mama's favorite, oyster stew, it seemed awful quiet around the table. When a knock at the door surprised everyone. The house was only one on the street so if a car drove in the drive way, most anyone would hear it or at least see the headlights. This evening, however, it was a surprised.

When Mama opened the door a loud Ho Ho was heard throughout the house. There stood, if your remember "Lawrence", well it wasn't him, but one of his brothers who not only was the Chief of Police but also an active member in the Kiwanis Club.

There they were 2 guys with rosy cheeks from the cold standing at the door with a small "Charley Brown" tree and an arm load of packages for the little ones who were my young brother and me. We were over joyed and very grateful when Leonard said, "We met Santa down the street and he asked us to deliver these to your house. The Spirit of Christmas came to our house one cold snowy Christmas day in the early 50's to a little house in North Dakota.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 4

Christmas Memories ~ Day 4

Ever tried to learn how to ice skate on hockey skates that were 2 sizes too big? Well, that is what we did as kids. Our town would flood a vacant lot with water every year and add a little shack for all the kids to use free.

The skating rink was across the on the same street as the park and the swimming pool. The pool had an admission charge, but the park and ice skating rink were free to all. But for a dime, you could rent a pair of skates for the day or evening. The only drawback was that the only skates for rent were black hockey skates.

If you were fortunate to have a bit more money, some girls would get figure skates for Christmas, but those who couldn't afford them would rent the skates from "Lawrence"!

Now, everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew "Lawrence". "Lawrence" was the brother of the local police chief and as it was, he was married to our cousin and with 5 kids and our 6 everyone knew everyone or someone who knew everyone.  And as I look back, Lawrence, his brother, and his family did more for our town then most of the wealthy folks.

Ice skating and having an extra dime for hot chocolate after a session of crisp North Dakota winter air was a highlight of our Christmas season. I never really learned how to ice skate on those black men's hockey skates, but then I only got to go skating maybe once a year. But, when I was a senior in high school my sister-in-law gave me her figure skates and for a brief moment, I aspired to be a world champion.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 3

Christmas Memories ~ Day 3

Baking Mama's Christmas Coffee Cakes was one of the biggest baking days of the year next to Easter. Everyone, except the big boys, had to help. There were apples to peel, pineapple filling to make and the ingredients gathered for the 'strussoll' topping, not to be confused with strudel.

Mama's coffee cakes were liken unto no other that I've ever had, even to this day! They were a sweet egg bread dough stretched into pie and small cake pans then the toppings were put on them and baked to a delicious golden brown "to die for". There wasn't one kid in the house would could wait quietly until Christmas morning to have a piece or maybe even 2 if you were lucky.

Mama always made the dough, we got to stretch it out into the pans and I got to make the topping of flour, sugar, cinnamon and butter. I got to put my hands into the big crock bowl and feel the flour and sugar combination between my fingers, ah, no rubber gloves in those days.

Perhaps, the best was the pineapple/cottage cheese which was a sweet mixture of rare ingredients for a family in North Dakota. I can, if I close my eyes, smell the aroma coming from the oven.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 2

Christmas Memories ~ Day 2

Choir Robes! Oh those choir robes. It seem to be a struggle every year to get those little things together. For the first 3 years of school, all the students had to have choir robes for the annual Christmas Concert that was held at the school gym about the last Friday before Christmas vacation started. As I'm trying to remember it was grades 1 through 3 that wore the cute little white robes.

I finally figured out why every year it was a struggle to get them. A simple explanation was that they were made out of white dish towels. The old fashioned flour sack dish towels so when the programs was over, they were recycled back into the kitchen even with the head hole. I remember my big sister, Ilene, rushing around on the last day to make sure that I had one that was as bright white as she could find and even one year both my younger brother and I both had to have one and of course, I panicked because I was sure I would be the one who didn't have one.

But, alas, she always came through and they were always bright white and whether or not we did or didn't sound like angels, our rosy cheeks and all the celebrate made us BELIEVE!