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Monday, January 24, 2011

Where did January Go?

Oh my, where did it go? The new year came in and I went into the hospital. Oh those nasty cigarettes and my nasty habit finally got me. After 11 days with doctors and nurses prodding and poking me, I was so happy to get home even if it was the dead of Winter. So were the puppies, they were so happy!
Now, I gearing up for Valentine's Day. Maybe a happier time.
Kori's birthday is on Thursday. I cannot believe that she will be 20. No wonder I feel so old.... I am old!
I really haven't done much at all on my quilt. So I had really better get at it. But the week goes by so fast. The skilled nurse comes on Tuesday and Friday and so does the physical therapist. I'm working really hard to do the exercises every day and I'm even taking all my medicine like a good girl, yuk!!!! I just want to feel good!
Ok, I caught up here!