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Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing New Here!

Well, I fell down on my promise back in December to post for the 9 days. Really! I feel kind of sad that I didn't because Christmas turned out to be one of the nicest I've had in a very long time.

Winter has been long and hard only because of the freezing temperature. Today, the last day of February and it was 9 degrees below zero this morning. I normally do not go outdoors when it is that cold because the oxygen tube feels like there are ice cubes been shoveled up my nose and down my throat, but today I did. Mr. D had a doctor's appointment early and when he got home we took a trip to West County to get some meat for the freezer. On our way home we stopped at a flooring store to look at flooring for the sun room. We had talked about getting wood, but the girl only showed us vinyl that looks like wood and very expensive too.

We have a floating vinyl flooring in the kitchen and dining room and I'm not really happy with it. Once there is a mark, such as a burn or scratch, forget it you cannot fix it. We haven't discussed it yet, but I'm thinking no way. There is less expensive wood tongue and groove flooring out there that is less expensive for that little 9 X 22 sun room and I intend to find it.

OK now, that is about all. It is time to make dinner so Pepper Cheeseburgers are on the menu so I'm off to the kitchen.