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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter is Over

Well, it is over for another year and now we all can look forward to Summer. I for one am hoping for a long HOT one, so I can sit out in the evening.
Another emergency here with The Rocket! Found a tick on him yesterday. DH tried to remove it but I'm not sure he got all of it. My only other hope is that it isn't a deer tick. So DH is taking him to the vet this morning. Or so he says.
Slowly but surely the de-cluttering is happening. We have so much sitting around since I got sick and hopefully I can get it straighten out before too long.
The roof is supposed to be started this week, but who knows when. They were going to start last week but that didn't happen.

I have been doing some quilting and mostly BOM. Working on two tops including "In The Meadow" from Quilting Treasures. There is a lot of applique's to do which I truly enjoy. I started hand appliqueing, but think I'll topstitch it instead. So out to the Sewing Loft. It is big and hard to handle. No pictures of it yet.
Then there is the "Black Cherry". Most of the blocks are done except for the appliqueing.

There is a free BOM on and so far I'm up to date on it as here:

Still work on the $5 BOM, I have one block to do yet and cannot find it anywhere, so I'm going to wing it on this one. I received the backing pattern last week so that should be fun to do, too.

Then there is the B& W BOM and I finally found block #1 here:

Guess that is all for now.
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See you later if The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise.