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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello to the World of Bloggers

"Ain't it funny how times slips away." Just a little play on words. I've been so busy this Spring that I don't even know what day it is. My sewing/craft room is being completed, so I haven't had time to do much crafting or sewing. I did manage to complete a quilt top called "Quilter's Sudoku" and hope to start quilting it any day now, perhaps even tonight.
We are having the typical mid-May weather of rain, thunder, rain and more thunder. The dogs do not like it one bit and everyone here almost jump out of their skins when a big bummer crosses the sky. Talking about weather, the weather station is being worked on, the rain gauge is fixed but the wind is on the 'fritz' wouldn't you know it.
The upcoming holiday is Memorial Day on May 31st and we are planning a picnic if all goes well with the weather. Then we will be working on the deck addition, gardening, fishing and maybe a couple of day trips until the end of August when our oldest son and wife come home and then there will be another PICNIC! wahoo!