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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My How Time Flies

Where did the last month go? We finally got some nice weather, but I really haven't been doing anything very creative. Although there are lots of things on my mind.

Started a new School House Quilt aha Red and White. So very striking. Also made a table topper and crochet a doily that needs to be blocked and ironed before I can photograph it.

Our Stamping Club has met twice and the next meeting is September 24Th. I'm in the process of getting our projects edited and ready for posting this coming week.

The National Political scene has been interesting this summer. Even with all the financial turmoil, it is a welcome site to see that the American Silent Majority is finally stepping up to the plate and taking a few swings at not only our elective representatives in Washington but also the "Fringe Media" that has been so wonderful to the Democratic Party this year and called Independents and Republics every thing from 'redneck racists' to Nazis and AstroTurfs (?) whatever that is. Got me lost there.

On the economic scene our local General Electric plant are layoff over 1400 employees. We are very glad that DH retired when he was 60 and got out before the S(tuff) hit the fan here. Not that living on a fixed income is easy by any stretch of the imagination, it beats unemployment and welfare.

Health wise, we are doing very well considering our age. Both of us are feel good.

The dogs are so very happy and truly enjoy their great big playground since the 6 foot chain link fence has been installed. They would like it even better if we would let them out to run in the wet grass after all the rain we had this summer, but we have enough work to do without bathing them every day.

OK, I'm outta here for now.
Let not your heart be troubled. Take care, be safe and healthy until next time.