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Monday, August 24, 2015

Spent NO Time

Wow, here it is the end of August, another year almost gone. I spent absolutely no time here last year or this year. It has been crazy and boring. So, I just went about with my reality life and left this one hanging.
October, 2, 2014, my sister passed and I'm just not my old self. It is funny or may guilt, I'm not too sure but after all the years of absences, I know I'm missing her terribly. More like a mother than an older sister, Ilene always was there. She passed the day after our Mother's birthday, so there will be no way I will ever get pass those 2 days without much grief.

Ilene was 8 years old than me and many times she took care of my younger brother and myself when Mother was ill or needed a well-deserved break. I was her maid of honor at her wedding in 1959. I was just the legal age and don't even know if I had a new dress or anything because it was just me, my older brother, my sister and her future husband. They were married until he passed in 2008. They had 5 girls and wow, 8 grandkids and lost count on great grandchildren and several great-great grandchild, who was just 6 - 8 months old (Jasmine).

This leaves our family of 8 down to just 3 of us. My older sister, Alice & her husband were here for a visit in June. Alice is 83 & Ray is 86. They still travel around and enjoy their children. So nice. My younger brother was planning on coming last year, but didn't because his daughter moved out of state. We haven't seen Max since 2010, so I guess it is time for a trip to Florida.

Well, I've caught up a bit so until next time.
God Bless and God Bless America!

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