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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wintery Sunday

Yes, Sunday morning coffee -- So good! Started out early this morning, how about 4:50 am yes it is so true and now wish I could take a nap. yawn!
It is very windy out this morning and the snow is swirling on the parking lot across the street. Do you really suppose we are having "global warming". I personally think it is "global welfare".
Global whatever, not too sure that is what our founding fathers were referring to when they wrote our Constitution. Americans are the kindest people on earth and yet others accuse us of being colonizers and ugly.
The founding fathers wrote those great documents with a Supreme Being in mind and a following of the "Golden Rule". And just what is the "Golden Rule" many young and old ask these days. If any of them even would understand the concept of it. Just to refresh your memory it is thus:
"Do onto others, as you would have them do unto you."
It is not do unto others as you will, nor is it oh well it doesn't matter because "I" am doing my own thing or even "every man for himself". How about "Express Yourself" Which now brings me to one of my favorites, told to me by my 8th grade teacher: "Your right to stretch your arm, ends where my nose begin." ah ha now isn't that a provoking thought...
Well, I'm outta of here for today.  Happy Sunday, stay warm and let not your heart be troubled.

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