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Friday, December 30, 2011

Nothing Old, Nothing New

Ah yes, it is true, the only thing old is the (almost) end to this miserable year. God, it has been a long hard one here, I truly hope yours was better than ours. Just 2 more days and we can dump this one into the "Miserable Years Hall of Fame" and I will be the first one to vote for 2011!
Now, on to how our Christmas went! Well, it too was pretty miserable. Nobody, not even me put much effort into it. I went shopping once shortly after Thanksgiving for my lovely D-M-I-L and S-I-L s but other than that I did my shopping online even for my grandson whose parents were too busy to take him shopping for his grandparents. All we got was a gift card for a restaurant from all three of them in a little paper bag. The old saying "it is the thought that counts" went out the door forever here in my mind as there was no thought in that at all except maybe a bit of guilt.
merry Christmas as my one friend would say if you know what I mean.
Now, we went to dinner last night at Olive Garden with Mom Millie, Sandy, Kathy and Bob and it was probably the most enjoyable evening of the season. The reason perhaps for that was that our waitress, threw away our order and 1/2 hour later came back to retake it and didn't even off us a sample glass of wine for our trouble. It will be a cold day in hell before I go back there. She kept apologizing for the error, but sometimes sorry just doesn't cut it. If I had been paying for the meal, I probably would have told the clerk but DSIL is always so sweet that she didn't even mention it. The cloak of invisibility is still covering the "Funks"!
OK, that's it. I cannot complain anymore or I just might throw my coffee into this machine.
Happy 2012! It cannot come soon enough!

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