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Saturday, March 2, 2013

There were NO posts!

That is correct, there were no posts in February and I do not have an excuse or a viable reason.

Yesterday, I realized that I had totally miss the month of February and the only answer I can find is that I was listen and waiting for the collapse of the government do to "Sequestration" a word made up by some fancy lawyer in Washington, D.C. and meant that the sky was falling and that we all would be in the gutter homeless, starving and near death by today. Since the sky didn't fall, and there are probably not too many more folks in the gutter or starving, arbeit a 2% cut in federal spending, I did survive.
So, now I'm resolved to take a break from the grueling past 18 months or rather 4 1/2 years of listen to the idiots threatening, lying thieves around our poor sick country, I am going to take a break from Facebook and the other political online blogs and get back to the basics of life as one country singer once said.
Therefore, that March came in like a lion and it will leave like a lamb on Easter Sunday, I'm getting back to the things I really love, which are sewing, needlework, cooking and writing.
Happy Spring!

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