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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hurt - STOP!

Hurt - STOP!!!
And I cannot stop the tears. I've lost love and people before... but I'm so conscious of this and it really has no stopping at this time.
Poor darling Heather, the pain she is baring. Do not even try to imagine such!! Prayers and healing thoughts please.
OK, so on with life... why does it take more than 5 fabrics to make a quilt. We are talking sometimes as many as twenty... Crazy, what is this world coming to, NUTS!
Well, I'm off to the kitchen to made Lemon-Lime-Poppy Seed bread for tonight. Friends, Barb and Kay are coming this afternoon. Barb is the beautician and she is cutting our hair.
(Oh I just want to cry again, thinking of all the work and effort Kori put in to become a hair stylist and now she is gone! )
Hurt - STOP!

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