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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween is here, again,
The sky above is dreare, again,
Lets sing a song of cheer, again,
Halloween is here, again!


so here is the latest thing I've quilted. I finished it up this morning and now it is hanging in my front door, to greet the little goblins who stop by for a treat!
Other than that nothing much is happening. My big brother's memorial service in Mandan, ND was last week on the 16th which, of course, I could not attend. I hear however, that the weather was beautiful and that his ashes took a bit of a detour down an old dirt road. Knowing Ervin, he would have done that on purpose, because he loved old dirt roads in the Dakotas, California or wherever he roamed. Miss you Big Brother!

Now, here is my latest attempt at being incompetent! I'm soon to give up on these silly things that I try to sew and quilt as I'm not very good at it and often ask myself WHY? Why do I punish myself? -- Who knows? -- I certainly do not!
OK, I'm outta here! It is time to watch a bit of Saturday television, then to start the meatloaf for dinner.
Let not your heart be trouble.

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