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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October, Marvelous October!

October, marvelous October!
Sometimes kind to me, but mostly not so kind.
I just love the weather this month, but not so much the people of this month with three exception ~ my mother, Lydia Link was born on October 1st, my oldest sister, Agnes, on October 20th and a niece, Lydia on October 26th. After that I've either been false accused of things that I would have never thought about, lied about even by relatives not necessarily blood, or totally ignored. So do I have much I like about October? I'd have to say it is about equally good and bad.

How about Oktoberfest? They are great if I could attend one. Halloween, oh I love "trick 'n treat. I love the Autumn harvest of apples, pumpkins, nuts and potatoes & cabbage.

October is super for gingerbread, homemade soups like potato & leek and of course some of mom's special recipes.

October is the time to put the summer lawn furniture away and to get ready for the snow and November Thanksgiving.

October is the time to reflect on all the good weather that was Summer and the bad weather to come in December.

I guess this year has left a bitter taste not only in my mouth but also my heart.

Last year we had a memorial service for my beloved Granddaughter and the aftermath continues to this year. I have not much to be proud of her father, although he is my son, I sure did a shitty job of raising him, despite his grief he now has stepped forward to tell his wife and my grandson and my husband, his step-father, that if anything happened to his step-father he/they would not take care of me his mother... Does this mean I should be upset? Well considering that I am a cancer survivor and on oxygen 24/7 perhaps just a little. I do have one advantage that I am my husband's 4 year senior, but not much constellation that husband has heart disease.

Oh well, now that I have that off my chest, I can continue to breathe a bit easier OH YEAH!

I've done a lot of sewing this fall, and I'm registered in several online classes that I should really be working on, perhaps later today. Here are some of the block that I've done.


There is one more, but I don't know what I did with the picture of it.
Now it is time to made the dinner! Not too sure what it will be and if I will be able to meet the standard I did last night with those huge stuffed pork chops and homemade apple pie.

If I get at it, maybe I'll get some sewing done after all.

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