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Monday, September 16, 2013

Feels like Autumn and I got to sleep in this morning. Eight hours of sleep feels really good and there was coffee already for me when I did finally pull myself out of bed.

Today, I'm starting on my Beach Cottages quilt. Finished Dr. Who on Saturday and as much as I enjoyed the experience by the time the 12 weeks were up, so was I ready to be finished.

Yesterday, we dined mainly out of our garden with just a few minor exception which was a quarter pound of hamburger and sodas and lettuce. Those Roma tomatoes were really piling up and beginning to look a bit ill, so I decided that spaghetti sauce was in order. I have canned spaghetti sauce in the past, but yesterday I made a small batch just for the two of us. It was pretty yummy I must say!

Now for the quilt:

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