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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Block Done

September already!
This year has certainly zipped by in a flash. WOW!
Today is the second day of quilting my Dr. Who quilt. I am amazed at how smoothly it is going on the home machine. As it progresses, I'm certain that I can get it finished and maybe even get my Beach House quilted before the end of the month.
Last weekend was the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie and the War of 1812. We went to see the Tall Ships Parade, but that is all. Missed the concert, the lighting of the Perry Monument and the concert in the park, oh well, I'm getting use to miss things that I want to see. We had earlier missed the German Fest which I just love.
We did go to the WA picnic, but it rained so we did not stay very long although I was happy to get home and out of the cold.
The Flagship, Brig Niagara coming in to Presque Isle Bay:
This is the latest BOM from Craftsy. It certainly is retro

And Dr. Who basted and ready to start quilting.

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