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Monday, December 16, 2013

Nine Days of Christmas - Day 2

Christmas Memories ~ Day 2

Choir Robes! Oh, those choir robes. It seems to be a struggle every year to get those little things together. For the first 3 years of school, all the students had to have choir robes for the annual Christmas Concert that was held at the school gym about the last Friday before Christmas vacation started. As I'm trying to remember it was grades 1 through 3 that wore the cute little white robes.

I finally figured out why every year it was a struggle to get them. A simple explanation was that they were made out of white dish towels. The old- fashioned flour sack dish towels so when the program was over, they were recycled back into the kitchen even with the head hole. I remember my big sister, Ilene, rushing around on the last day to make sure that I had one that was as bright white as she could find and even one year both my younger brother and I both had to have one and of course, I panicked because I was sure I would be the one who didn't have one.

But, alas, she always came through and they were always bright white and whether or not we did or didn't sound like angels, our rosy cheeks and all the celebrate made us BELIEVE!

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