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Saturday, August 1, 2009

As of late....

have been so very busy that I've not even had a chance to sit here and think, let alone, write.
All this damp cool weather has really taken a hold on me and if I ever have been depressed this most certainly is the year. Little sunshine, and lots of rain. As I look out now, it has become quite overcast and although it is almost 7:45 there should still be a bit of sunshine around. OH NO!
Everyone has been in a dither about all the bad economic news, cash for clunkers, health care overhaul and etc. It isn't very nice for many folks around this area or for that matter of fact around the country. Too bad we entrust our livelihood to politicians who main concern is condemnation of their country and employers (U.S. Citizens) rather than thankfully making sure that they follow the laws of the land. Then of course there is many of them getting very, very rich on the "Fear" that our beautiful planet cannot take care of itself and we are destroying it with a made up story of "Global Warming". Even if some do not believe a a superior being, they most certainly should not be so arrogant to think that this beautiful planet could not take care of itself. They just need to look at the hurricanes, and earthquakes to see that it most certainly can.
Tonight's dinner hasn't even been started so I really have got to go and get something going. I bought some wonderful wraps, so I think I should go and wrap up some turkey slices with perhaps a bit of honey mustard sauce or maybe even some blue cheese dressing... yummy!

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