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Friday, August 14, 2009


it really has been some week. I finally got DH and granddaughter to help me paint the kitchen. DH is a collector and confirmed pack rat as am I, so things just kind of get moved from one place to another. So this month I decided that even though I cannot do much physically, I will start to delegate tasks to him and recruit my lovely granddaughter when ever I can to help me get this house in order before I crock and then they will have to do it all by themselves lol!
Tons of other things going on including excited about finally getting some summer weather.
We also are signing up for "The Angelfood Ministries" locally. Also have gotten DH stepmother and stepsisters to sign up. Not only is it a worthy cause, but when everyone is on fixed income I can see how hard it is to make ends meet. Mom Millie, really will like it as the box she ordered are meals that are all ready prepared and as she needs a walker to get around, having her lunch already prepared will be wonderful.
I like the fact that there really isn't too much food as we tend to buy too much and then so much goes to waste or spoils before we get to it. We sign up today and told DGD that she and her college roommate should also as it will be less expensive for them and the two of them could eat better for less and help out the ministry also.
Today is sign up day, and after I take DIL and GS to swimming, DH and I will go down and get signed up for this month.
Today is also 'Home Blessing' day. That is a general house cleaning, hopefully I can get that done before I go for the swimming class. And maybe I can make a couple of new cards today. I have been busy appliqueing a table top so I haven't did any new cards. It is fast approaching the end of August, duh and time to start thinking about the Fall and then Winter coming upon the year flies by fast.
Someone once told me that I should keep a journal, and not ever publish it because it would be boring, ah ha... he hit the nail on the head with that one yeah!! Gerry!
Gotta go now... enjoy Willie and have a Great Weekend End!

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