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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baltimore Album

Worked some more on "The Ladies of the Seas" quilt this morning. Got the rigging done on "The Golden Hind" and started the globe until my finger started to sting.
This is my Baltimore Album Sampler that I started in April, 2007. This is the layout prior to applying the strips. Although they are all added, the border is done and it is being hand quilted, I do not have a picture of it, yet because it is in the sewing room and I haven't gotten up there in a while.
Today, we will be starting to get the house work done for Thanksgiving Day dinner and make some banana bread and take the turkey out of the freezer. We have a big one this year, because D. got it on sale for $.29 a pound with only a $10.00 purchases. I'm thinking I will probably freeze 1/2 of it after Thanksgiving and then we can have it between the holidays.
Heaven to Betsy, I cannot believe that 2010 is on the hind side of the calendar already... where did it go?

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