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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update on "The Life in Funks' World"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Got up this morning and reflected on my day yesterday and the past week. Seems like I've been on a roller coaster again.

Started on Monday, being optimistic about getting the house resided with vinyl, but alas again, hit a big road block on Tuesday.

The sharks are still alive and well and looking for our flashing forehead signs, "Sucker and Stupid". DH says it is the name.

It isn't as if this is a huge house, approximately 850 square feet and most of it is windows and doors so the cost of the siding is minimal at best. The labor on the other hand is quiet intense and some think that we should pay some one's yearly income for one job to the tune of $30,000.00, yes you are seeing correctly, no typo here a huge 5 digit number. (I'm having an asthma attack just thinking about it.

One young man wanted $4700.00 and the another hasn't even called back, jobs must be really plentiful around here. Someone, however, did drop off some sample books. We just want plain medium cost white vinyl siding and to trim and cover the wood. The big guy wants to do the roof, windows, doors, gutters, downspouts,wrap the whole thing then but aluminum over everything else. Oh my sweet Lord!

Tuesday, I fussed all day and finally, got myself under control by bedtime. Praying to wake up to better things on Wednesday. We didn't sew that evening because we all planned to go to dinner at "Old Country Buffet" on Thursday. DMIL wanted to take us out for our anniversary which was back in June, but she had been able to find the time. But, yet again, although I chose the place the food did not agree with me and spent most of the remaining night in the bathroom.

Finally, Friday came. It turned out to be a most pleasant day and evening. We went and picked up our 1/4 cow and 1/2 pig for the freezer. The new owners of the meat company turned out to be wonderful folks. Most pleasant, friendly and happy. The meat turned out to be less than we had figured, so we then stopped at the new quilt store "Burning the Midnight Oil" to check it out. The young gal who runs it is a cheerful, pleasant talent lady and we enjoyed our time there... I must say that Friday was the best day of my week.

In the end, we have decided not to reside the house, but rather, wait until Spring and paint the aluminum as we have done in the past. The young man who quoted us the 4700, returned my call and said he would be happy to quote on it in the Spring.

If I could breath, I be out there with my paint brush long time ago scrapping and brushing away, but then that was 15 years ago. Lots of things change in that time. DH thinks we should have it power washed, so perhaps that is the way to go.

Today, I cleaning the oven and making banana bread as well as working on this blog which has gotten so very out of hand.

As always, wishing you a most pleasant weekend and 'let not your hearts be troubled'

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