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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easy Quilt Candy Flowers Table Runner Finished

Well, I made it! The new table runner is finished before big Brother & d S-I-L got here. I'm telling you this gave me a rash of *&#% by the time I finished the buttons this morning. I just don't understand! I have so much "stuff" in my stash except the "stuff" I need or want for any give project. Then I have to go to the store to buy more.
I started this on Tuesday and figured one afternoon and one evening TOPS! Sure, if you are superwoman! Which I am not these days!
First, I don't have the right color fabric, oh well, I can do that; then not enough of any one fabric; I can do that! Then, oh yes, sure I have buttons. I have all kinds of buttons. Where are they? Who the heck knows! Oh lets go to the fabric store, grocery store and maybe even breakfast, first.
That sounds like a fantastic idea.
Meet old friends at the restaurant, extra time spent.
Fabric store, oh they are having a sale on batting, spend another $100.00.
Grocery store, stocking up can goods, paper products at Sam's Club. Well, there went any extra money we thought we had.
Now, we are hot and tired. Guess what? The cashier at Joann's forgets to put the "buttons" in the bag and we get all the way home and no buttons, the reason for the whole trip in the first place.
I thought I banished "Murphy's Law" years ago!
Wrong on another one!
DH drives all the way back across town only to be told that "I" his wife should have checked to make sure "she" had everything. Sh__! isn't that HER job! Doesn't she get paid to check us out? Cash and bag? Heck yes, but then there are no competent workers looking for jobs. Perhaps it is the low paying wage that makes these people so incompetent.
Anyway, this whole project was a nightmare and it fought me all the way, but here it is.
But it is finished now and I'm happy with it. Looks very nice. Now, if Brother and Sister-in-law would get here today soon, I'd be really ready for dinner at "The Red Lobster"

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