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Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

No predictions as to whether 2013 will be better than 2012 but one thing is for sure there are no durer or is it dyer predictions that the world will end.
The first Icicle of the 2012-2013 Winter season landed at our house on Saturday, December 29th and here is proof:

So today, I went out into the weather for the first time this Winter. Yes, it is true. I have not been out since prior to December 21st and so off I went to visit Hobby Lobby, Joann's and then brunch at Cracker Barrel to use up some of our Christmas gift cards.

My dear Sister-In-Law, Kathy, gave me a gift card for my favorite fabric and craft shop so I could get a bolt of unbleached muslin to start my next quilt which is going to be "Winter Wonderland" in redwork embroidery and red and white blocks. I also had a 40% off coupon and an extra 10% off total purchase so I'm really one happy quilter.
Now, I'll be ready for when all the cold wet and snowy comes my way to stay in and be cozy while I stitch away at another fun embroider project next to the one I've started here:

So now I'm in for the day, and I don't need go out. All I need to do is listen to the complaining about the traffic and rude people from DH on his daily trips and outings.
Happy New Year! Take heart Freedom is coming.

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