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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. We started out Christmas Eve with my traditional Clam Chowder (potato soup for Grandson) and a delicious turkey dinner celebrated with our friend, Kay!.

Today, I basted on of the doll quilts that I put together last fall and if we don't play cards tonight, I'm back to embroidering on the "Vintage Tin" top. I have decided that I'm going to concentrate on getting some of the quilts actually quilted this year, so my tops are going to be limited.

Yesterday, I made new 5' leaders for Tin Lizzie18 and got one of them on the belly bar. If I can't get Lizzie working properly by the end of January then she is going "Over the Cliff".  I can use almost any machine with the frame and if that don't work, I have a Handi-Quilt frame and I'll go for a Handi-Quilt machine... either way I will be quilting with a longarm machine by March, 2013.

This one on the bottom is the one that got basted today.... She is ready to be put under Elna's needle on Monday.

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