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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Block 11 done and alternative Block 10 while poor Block 12 continues to frustrate me with all the detail, it might take me until Christmas just to get all those little things stitched. In the meantime, I'm collecting more embroidery threads to cover all the visions dancing in my wee little head for things I want to embroider.
Oops, wait, I thought I was quilting and with so many tops done or in the process of doing, shouldn't I be actually quilting? Maybe, as soon as I get the courage to go out to my sewing room. Yes, I said courage! Seems my step-son who moved back to town and is staying in the motor home decided that all our carpets needed a cleaning, moved a whole bunch of stuff out to my sewing room and from what DH said, it is just all stack everywhere.
Now, I'm not saying that there was any order out there, but I cringe to think about what it is like now. Maybe Monday!
Now, for the reveal! Drum roll!


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