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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sugar Block Time

Today, I finally got to work on my Sugar Block BOM quilt. Finished block #6 & #7 and already have #8 waiting in the box. Get it done, get it done it cries. Fortunately I'm still finding time to do a bit of sewing even with having added 2 people to the basic household if only temporarily. It gets a bit stressful and now is getting a bit costly as well. So I'm pinching pennies a bit more and DH isn't too happy about that. Oh well, not my kid!
This is June's called Home Sweet Home. I think it is cute.

 And here is July to cool off a bit with Lime Sherbet. Now that I look at it perhaps it should be called Grape Sherbet or I should have turned around some of the colors.
Well enough for today. I've already made my main meal so now I'm going to play some games and watch Huckabee before I retire. No nap today, as it is already after 4 and I've no intention of staying up all night again.
Until later, may the Good Lord Bless and Keep you safe and free!

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