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Friday, August 16, 2013

It has been quite the week here. The deck extension is almost done. DH has been working on it all week and should finish the steps and railing today. Although personally I really want to go to Staples today and get some good printer paper. Besides, I would love to go for a ride in the newest edition to our fleet.
Perhaps if I mention it, the plans will change a bit.

Finally, not much rain this week, but it has been chilly. For August we are having rather cool evenings a bit early this year. However; I should have known that when the central a/c was installed last month. That is okay though because we can keep the electric bill down a bit. Seems everything is going up and only when we catch a break with something like Mercedes, do we progress to the norm these days.

Anyway, I have been doing some sewing and got caught up with the Sugar Block club and I only have one block to do for the Craftsy BOM to finish. DH oldest son is here staying until he finds a place, well he needs a job first and he has been doing some real cleaning around here and hopefully it will allow me to actually do some quilting, now that I have an empty table to work on.

Well, here is the June & July Blocks for Craftsy BOM:

I'm not sure that I will be happy with all the different fabrics and colors I have used but I really do not care at this point. The bundles I have chosen seem to be off and not too coordinated but oh well.
Ok now that is it for today.
Stay free!

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