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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Computer and Windows 7

Holy Cow! The new computer is wonderful but Windows 7 is the nightmare from Hell and I'm not exaggerating on bit. All the money and time I've invested in graphics programs and other things are not compatible so I've just spent 10 years and more of my life learning to do things that I've enjoyed and now I can take another friggin' 5 years to learn other things just to be able to navigate around the NEW and IMPROVED Windows.
I think I've figured out why all the radical changes have occurred.
1. Bill Gates retired - the work horse of the computing world.
2. All the other yoyo's at Microsoft are just plain friggin' lazy and dumb. Note I didn't say stupid, just plain and simple DUMB.

Why? Go ahead and ask me Why?
I'll tell you why. Windows XP had security holes that they were just too friggin' lazy to fix, so they dump the things that had the holes or they DIDN'T want to fix or were too dumb to fix such as OE and other things that could be compatible with all computers. Like I said, plain and simple - Lazy and Dumb!
And then they charge an outrageous price for the upgrade and sell it to all the computer manufacturers to put on the new machines without offering a choice.
Now, Mr. Gates was a smart business man, but he sure hired some jerks and con artists. I've seen that before many times.
Someone has a brilliant project, and makes tons, then turns around and either sells it to the highest bidder or retires and leaves it to a favorite son who they had spoiled in the first place.
Jasc the developers of PaintShopPro, did that to Corel and now Corel has eliminated the competition and totally destroyed a wonderful graphics program. The same will happen to Microsoft - Mark my words! One November 17, 2011 you read it here, by November 17, 2021, Microsoft now a household name will be replaced by a new and innovative computer program company probably from Iran (oil money)or some other distant land and no longer be "American made".
Furthermore, if we don't elected someone other than the "progressive" party including President Obama come next year we may all very well not be at all "American Made". I really hate to admit that I'm conservative and say that we need more conservative values, and that we should have never let President Reagan allow NAFTA (I think that is it). Yup that's it! We probably wouldn't be in this mess now. Give one for the Giffer!
Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is no Giffer! Mr. Obama is just a snot nose kid.
OK now I'm off to the Sewing Loft to stitch out my frustrations.

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