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Saturday, November 5, 2011

November's Here!

Goodness, almost Turkey Time. Do you know what your are thankful for this year?
This has been the worse year that I've had in the past 20 years. Even the cancer years didn't seem this bad, oh well as they say, "Life Goes On". Oh Yeah, Life goes on and on and on.
Been busy during the month of October. Started and finish another Mystery Quilt or at least the top to one and awaiting the next installment of the second one on Monday, alas, I would be home. A day trip is planned to pick up a train and see my friend out of town.
Oops, got go and let my girlie dog out to bark at the church bells. She sings a real pretty song when they ring at 6 pm :o)
Mystery Quilt V from Quilter's Club of America:
and the new one
American Quilter's Society

This one looks like Christmas and I'm hoping to be done by then.
I'm thinking I'll add a lime cording to the binding of the top one to go with the lime in the quilt. I also, think I'll call it "In Search of Dinosaurs.
Really, need to finish some of the UFOs I have started, actually I did work on one this past week. Then a friend brought over an old quilt that she wishes me to finish called "The Tree of Life". It is a pattern from the 30's and the original quilter has about 20 blocks done and another 20 cut out so it will be a pretty big undertaking to say the very least. Am I up to it? Well I really do not know, but I'll give it my best.
Time now to play some Plants verse Zombies.
Let not your heart be troubled!
Until the morrow!

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