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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phew It is Finally ...

Talked with dear s-i-l this morning and Mom and Sandy got a closing date for their house and new home. This is a big relief to dh as he can now put his back into getting a lot of things finished up like all that will be stored in our garage. It amazes me how much that guy can store yet screams at me if there is a stamp in the middle of the table when he needs something :)

Day 6... Made 7 swap cards this morning. Actually, it took me most of the day because I was having trouble with the ribbon, so by the time I got finished it was 5 pm minus the time that the dogs and I took a nap.

Really haven't been sleeping very well. It is not that I'm not sleeping, just cannot seem to get to bed at an earlier hour. Maybe tonight if I get everything done on my filing and computer that I need to do and stop messing around with Paint Shop Pro! tee hee!

I have most of the cards loaded up to my website, so I will be able to get them posted on here very shortly.
Until tomorrow, "Let not your heart be troubled!"

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