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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do Diligences

Yes, found what I was looking for today.
I always remember an old saying we used in real estate sales.
"Ask for the business. The worse they can say is no and in 30 years :) who cares."
Yes, I asked and I received. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was that easy?
Had my 3rd Stampin'Up workshop tonight. It is always so much fun to actually share something new with my friends. We laughed and stamped and created.
I also got to see those beautiful twin boys, oh my they are lovely. Jamison and Daiman, don't know if I spelled Daiman's name correct. Sorry, I'll correct the spelling later.
Have been having trouble with my internet connection tonight. I think it is all the wind we have been having and the phone company was working on the lines outside the house over the past week and know that the phone lines have had a lot of static on them.
It is late and I wanted to get the new background loaded up, but really don't think I can get it done.
I also need to get a couple of more links posted. So I should get busy.

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