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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Big Day

Today, my Granddaughter graduates from high school. Remember how long those 12 years were when you were a kid? My, how the time changes for a Grandmother, seems like only yesterday when she and I went for her first ice cream cone.
She was about 3 and she said, "Grandma, you need a new car!" Now she has her own car and I'm tell her the same thing... :) Driving 20 miles through our winter weather requires a safe and effective vehicle. Guess that is my main worry. I am thankful she will only be driving it on weekends and when the weather is bad doesn't need to come home at all.
It is early here and I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed for a bit, but oh I really don't like to do that, because I can think of a thousand things I could be doing or that need to be done. I just need to motivate myself when I first get up.

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