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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fine Ending to a Beautiful Day

The Graduation was a success! Over 600 students received their diplomas including Kori and yes it was signed :o) We didn't stay for the whole thing. First, the 10 minute drive to the Civic Center took us over a half hour and we had to go up 2 flights of stairs, second, there was a baseball game scheduled and it was "Buck Night!" so the traffic was terrible. Fortunately, Kori has a last name that lets her be among the first half of the class. Congratulations, Kori!
Last night I talked to her mom and we were talking about what a lovely young lady Kori is. Her mom, Tracey, and I discussed child-proof homes and teaching children the word "NO!" We both believe that teaching children the meaning of the word "No" teaches them responsibility and protects them away from home. Too many young kids are heartbroken or definet because they do not know the true meaning of "no" once they come across the word out in the world. 'No' used with love and care does not cause low self esteem. In my opinion, "no" can create confidence and will sooner or later let the child know that the parents truly love them.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox now!
The new Stampin'Up!© In Colors, 09-10 Catalog and preview items are due to arrive today. The new IBC will be available July 1, 2009 for ordering. The Last Chance list is posted on the website and you can get there by going to and clicking shop now. Also, remember that the old In Colors will be discontinued on June 30th so if you liked any of those colors now is the time to get them before they are gone forever.
Well for now, let not your heart be troubled, until next time. HAGD!

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