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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It is September

September already and Labor Day is gone. Oh my! My Tootie Frutti quilt was enter into a show... my b and sil must really like it. I'm very happy about that.
The cooler weather yesterday and today is certainly a change from Saturday where it was 90 deg. in the shade at the German Festival.
And what do you think about Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. calling citizens who love America SOB's. Wonder how many real labor union members appreciated that comment. I certainly glad that I don't belong to a union now days. I remember the days when the rank and file members of a union actually loved their country and all the freedom that we afforded them. So what the "h__l has happened.  When did we start calling American citizens SOB's because they didn't think the same as you!
I'm wondering about the Democratic party or as Mrs. Clinton said, "rather be called a "Progressive"! Or maybe a "Socialist"! and if we remember our history we know what a "Socialist" is don't we?
God Bless America! and God Bless her citizens!
Good Night and let not your heart be troubled, tomorrow is another day, if the "Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise".

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