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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, today we are heading out for a car show. No we are not taking one of DH collector car, because the show is about 45 miles from home and I do not think he is comfortable driving that distance in one of the classics. Not even our new baby is going to get this run, so we will take "my" baby our Pontiac G6, which is a classic anyway except she is only 3 years old, however; she only has 12000 miles. Boy have those increased since I told DH to start driving it because the Ford Explorer was a gas gussler.
Here is our new baby, Ms Rita is a 1981 Chevrolet Malibu Classic in Seafoam Green with 48000 miles and dream to ride and drive:
So here she is, pretty, huh? Now, she has spinners on the wheels and they are so pretty in the sun.
Well, DH is giving the dogs a bath, it is always so noisy, because we are taking them with us to the car show this afternoon. I made some cookies to take along as a snack, but at this rate, I may have them eaten before we even get out the door.
Now, it is time to get some breakfast. Just some juice, eggs and coffee, maybe a piece of toast would be nice.

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