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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Share and other tidbits

Today, I baked a batch of Oatmeal cookies, made breakfast of orange juice, and egg sandwiches. I still have several things on my list including doing a manicure and perhaps get a quilt top cut out or at least started.
Sunday, we had a rather interesting day at the car show. First, there was only one car there really showing support for the 9/11 which they said was the reason. Second, we were almost kicked out because they thought our Pontiac G6 isn't a classic car! Oops, first thing if you are having a "Classic" car show, you should know what a "Classic" car is and what is considered a "Classic" car. GMC no longer makes Pontiac and 2010 was the last year that the G6 was made, therefore it is no longer in production as is considered a "Classic" car. DH made sure that the character who tried to make us move knew this or knows it now!
Then we went to dinner, oops another mistake, I should always go where I think it is good food and good service. I don't mind paying for good food and good service, but I really want to slug these place that have ah OK food and lousy service.
It kind of started out this way, DH one of his friends and I sit down, it takes about 5 minutes for a waitress to come and take our drink order and to tell us that "our" waiter is busy and will be with us shortly. About 10 minute later our "Waiter" arrives and he immediately acknowledges the men with "football" talk and totally ignores me. Well, guess what I must have been invisible because the same thing happen with my dinner. It was a real mess, not butter for the baked potato, and my sandwich was totally messed up and nothing that I had asked for! I would not have left a tip if I were paying, but DH did. Oh his food was already, until midnight when he was up rolfing in the bathroom.
We will not go back there again.
One good point to our 100 mile trip, we stopped at our friend Jerry's and he was there. It has been almost 3 years since we have heard from him. He disappeared in 2008 and now after knee surgery, and several bouts in the hospital we found him. He doesn't answer is phone and we were down there twice and beat on his door and he wasn't anywhere around. I worried about him because of his age,but now know he is OK!
OK, lunch time so I'll be back.

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