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Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost Done

I'm almost done with "Gentleman Caller" top only 3 more rows and 6 to add to existing ones. I think I could become attached to this one. It is fairly easy to assemble and the reds, blues, & browns, look fabulous together. Maybe at the beginning of next week I will be able to get into the sewing room to start quilting some of these tops. DH brought in the bobbins from the Tin Lizzie so that I can wind them on the Elna which will be a whole lot faster than what the Lizzie has for a bobbin winder.
The weather isn't getting any warmer so I'm wondering what next Sunday will be like. The family is planning on going out for Easter dinner to the "Tom Ridge Environmental Center" for the buffet or whatever D S-I-Ls decide. That is my choice.
Have taken some pictures of a fabulous rainbow last Saturday morning but still do not have them loaded up to the computer. Perhaps today, you Think? The weather station is in need of repair. The strong winds over the weekend, were not kind to it.
I'm working on a coffee theme for next month, maybe a garden theme would be better. We should be starting to plant or at least get something started, but it has been so wet and cool that we just do not have any energy to look forward to the summer.
Oh yes, speaking of summer! My brother and sister-in-law will be coming probably in the middle to late June and I was given the task of calling 'My sister, Ilene' to see if she and my niece will also be coming around the same time. It would be fun, but I'm usually the hind foot when the older siblings get together. Kind of invisible if you know what I mean.
Ok, time to get to work. Get the dogs in, and finishing that top before this afternoon when our friend (The Vegetarian) comes to make us dinner and we are going to make some greeting cards. My StampinUp business is almost non-existent these days.

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