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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking for a Red, White and Black Pattern

I know I saw one somewhere. But I just cannot get my hands on it. I just got this wonderful fabric and am dying to work with it.

We just got back from the clinic and blood work that is done thank God! The temperature was wonderful and I didn't even need to wear a jacket. Now, I'm not as brave as the younger women with their flip-flops and shorts; I'll just stick with my jeans and light sweater for a while yet. Memorial Day is plenty soon enough for me to get into the Capri's and petal pushers I think! We went to Panera's for supper of soup and a sandwich and oh I love their coffee.
So I'm happy now! Home and ready to start on another quilt top. I didn't get anything much accomplished today. I want to get into the sewing room and work with Tin Lizzie, but knew that I had that late afternoon appointment, I couldn't spend too much time in there, so I just let it slide. Maybe tomorrow!

Yesterday, I made a couple more Dear Jane patches here:

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