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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

It is Friday, and I have downloaded the last of the Mystery Quilt instructions. Ok so it is a two block quilt, most of them are. But there will probably not be much sewing for me today. It is "home blessing" day and man oh man does this home need a blessing.

The big wind storm we had the other night took down two (2) big pine trees in the backyard and now DH is waiting for estimates from the tree remover to get them off the fence so that the dogs can get out there and play. I do not see the urgency, because it is too wet out there anyway. That is probably the reasons these huge 30 ft pines toppled over. That is the last of them in the back. About 14 years ago two others went and the church thought they were theirs, so they removed them. Now, these are ours so we have to. Am I thankful for the church... yes, you bet I am! Very thankful as there was no way I could have ever gotten them down and cut up.

Ok, it is time to get some breakfast and start on the floors and bathroom. The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I get back to my sewing soon!
Oh oh, it is snowing again!!!!!

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