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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rotary Cutting

About 2 weeks ago I found out about the carpet cutters and wheels from Harbor Freight and was thrilled. Then DH and I stopped by to see what the story was. Sure enough they had heard that some quilters were using the cutting wheels in their rotary cutters, but they were out of the cutting wheels so DH and I purchased 2 of the cutters with contained 3 wheels at $3.99 each. The is really a bargain when the fabric shop are getting any where from $7 per blade and up to $30 for a 5 pkg. Is there a 'gas' pricing going on here. Anyway, I probably have enough blades to last me for a lifetime and I'm pleased as punch with this buy. Now, the big news! I just came from McCall's Quilting sight and found that "Harbor Freight" is advertising the cutter there Wahoo! You go girls!!! Get the bargains so we can buy more fabric!
Did any of that make sense? Must be the chicken I had for dinner. Speaking of dinner, I think it is time for dessert so goodbye for now!
Happy cutting!

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