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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up to my ears in the Quilting ????

Well, ain't this a bucket of ____. I'm up to my ears in quilting. Planning, cutting, sewing, ripping i.e. "froggin" (rip-it [rib-bit])and trying to fix errors made by not only me but instructions not clearly written. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who use quilting programs to design quilts then have someone else do the block work and quilting and all they do is the writing of the instructions which make little or no sense to the person trying to do it all. That is not only purchasing the fabric, but actually measuring, cutting out the pieces, and sewing them together.
One of my recent endeavors comes with extensive research looking for the right fabric because what was originally suggested in the pattern was already outdated and no longer made. I spent hours online looking for the right fabric. Then when I found something to my liking because, the original was not available, the quantity was just barely enough, with no room for a cutting mistake.
The pattern was then divided into 3 parts, that is 3 different magazines. So I had to purchase all three. If you have bought a magazine lately they are not cheap. I'm talking $21.00 just for the patterns. On top of that I purchased two (2) reference books; found them cheap on if I had been smart I could have just used those instead of buying all the stupidly written instructions.
Now, I stuck with a poorly made quilt with points that do not exist and it looks like a 10 year old made it. You would think that I would know better? You think? Oh well on to the next stupid mistake.
It is a Mystery Quilt. I tried one a while back and never finished it because it had a medallion center that I couldn't get right. That one was a block of the Month and I got sick so never finished it either. This Mystery is posted on the Internet and is scheduled for every Friday a few steps are revealed. This week 4 and I'm already tired of waiting for the next steps. We have done 14 but they are simple too slow. More time and money invested and already I can see the fudging that will have to take place on this one.
I've made it my goal to at least get all the tops together before I die, so that someone doesn't just come in and take whatever fabric they like but hopefully will realize that it belongs to something that will turn into something else if they have the patience to work at it. Dying, who has time to die? I don't! I have too many projects to finish and too much to enjoy yet! So God, will you wait until I at least get my projects done and can enjoy them for awhile?

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