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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mystery Quilt #4

Well, it is together. I put the top together this morning. What a bear! I cannot believe I'm having so much trouble with those triangles. But she is together and hopefully all quilted before the middle of June, because "big" brother and d s-i-l are coming for a visit and this is their quilt.
Now it is time to put things away and start my Easter baking. I was going to do it yesterday,but MQ#4 kept me from it, so pizzelle irons here I come. Don't know if I'll get my kuchen baked or not as DH went to a gun show and didn't put the bread maker within reason of me.
I usually make apple strudel and a pineapple - cottage cheese, but who knows if the energy will hold out long enough to do that before the girls get here to play cards.
Ah, yes we play cards every other Saturday night and tonight is the one. I think it is my turn to "win". But at least d s-i-l, Sandy is bring the treat!
OK, time to get the sewing put away and start the fire under those irons.
Happy Easter!
Oh here is MQ#4

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